Craft the Perfect Pitch This Thursday

Imagine this: You sit down in front of agent at a conference to pitch them in person. Or perhaps you’re in an elevator when you realize the woman standing next to you is your dream rep. You have little time to succinctly summarize your story. How do you compose a short, effective pitch to capitalize on the moment. If you need some assistance, check out this Thursday’s webinar, “The Perfect Elevator Pitch: How to Best Position Your Book for Editors, Agents, Reviewers and Readers.”



The webinar happens at 1 p.m., EST, Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010, and lasts 75 minutes. Sign up here. (If you sign up for the event but miss the actual live webinar, you still get the critique and an archived recording of the session.)


Every author – or aspiring author – gets asked, “What is your book about?” And that’s before it’s even published! A lot is at stake when someone asks that question. The person asking may be in a position to represent your book, publish your book, stock it in their bookstore, write a review about it, or tell a friend to read it. A good answer to “tell me about your book” is easy to remember afterward but difficult when put on the spot.

In this seminar, Kevin Smokler, author and CEO of, will help you sound as smooth as an author on NPR when someone asks you that question. He’ll provide invaluable information on the three must-have parts of a great book summary, tips for immediately remembering them when asked and the reasons why, when “telling someone about your book,” less is often better than more.


All registrants are invited to submit a 1-page elevator pitch in advance of the event. All submitted pitches are guaranteed a critique. Some pitches may be discussed during the live session. Sign up here.


  • The three essential pieces to a great book summary
  • How to develop a great book summary without short changing your book or its story
  • Why a great book summary is essential to getting your book recognized and talked about
  • How all great books actually begin with a great summary
  • What the person asking “tell me about your book” is actually saying
  • How a great book summary is the first step in developing a plan to market your book


Kevin Smokler is the co-founder and CEO of, an Amazon-funded company that provides affordable tools for authors to promote their books.


Sign up here!

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