A Quick Post re: Pitchfest

Hey, guys–

I’ve gotten some emails and questions about Pitchfest, so just wanted to respond real fast…

1)  Rosetta– I’m not sure if/when Pitchfest itself is coming to New York… lemme sniff around a bit.  I’ll also try to round up some info on some other pitch festivals, or similar events, and get it up here.  Bear with me… I’ll try to get it up in the next few days.

2)  Just to clarify– Pitchfest is free… AND costs money.  Basically, the first day of classes and panels is free… but the second day, when you actually get to pitch, costs money… and there are different levels of payment depending on what you want.

Hope that helps, and Rosetta– I’ll try and get your info up here shortly!


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