Zack Company Seeks Queries

The Zack Company, Inc., a literary agency, is actively seeking clients. In the past, the agency has stopped accepting queries at different times (because of slush pile overflow, most likely).

As far as I can tell, the agency is looking for all kinds of nonfiction, and some fiction. Regardless, this seems like a great opportunity.

The agency’s Web site has an incredibly detailed “What We Want” page detailing what to send and how to send it.

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One thought on “Zack Company Seeks Queries

  1. Andrew Zack

    And here’s yet another reason I wish folks wouldn’t try and describe what I want rather than just refer folks to my site to read for themselves. Certainly I am looking for fiction and if you go to my website you can see EXACTLY what kinds of fiction I am looking for.

    Thank you.

    Andrew Zack


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