Building Your Platform (2008 GLA Article Excerpt)

2008 GLA Article Excerpt:

Writer Christina Katz talks about how
writers can build their platform and
connect with readers. The more
readers a write can reach, the more likely
their book will sell (especially if it’s nonfiction). 

” … The word ‘platform’ simply describes all the ways you’re visible and appealing to your potential, future or actual readership. To build a platform, an author must create and maintain a Web presence without sacrificing too much regular writing time or paying a fortune in fees. Platform development is not only important to existing authors, it’s also crucial for wannabe authors or soon-to-be authors.
      Before you build a Web presence, you must brand yourself  … To start, answer the following questions:
      How are your products or services distinguishable from the competition? (A book is a product, by the way.)
      How are they better than the competition? (Emphasize this.)
      How are they worse than the competition? (De-emphasize and address this.)
      What emotional need(s) do your products or services satisfy? (Do not skip this one.)
      What colors, images and front style might make sense for your identity? (These will aid with your logo design.)”

               – “Almost Famous: Start Building a Platform to Garner More Attention and Respect” (page 25)

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