Agent Sharlene Martin is Teaching ''10 Secrets to a Winning Book Proposal''

More very cool news: Literary agent Sharlene Martin—a nonfiction book expert whose clients have been featured on the “Today” show,” “Oprah,” The View,” and just about everything else—is teaching a webinar on the 10 Secrets to a Winning Book Proposal. (Sign up here.)

It all goes down at 1 p.m. EST, Thursday, June 17, 2010, and lasts 90 minutes.



If you write nonfiction, here are
four reasons to attend:

1. Sharlene’s track record is massively impressive
. Sharlene has represented a wide range of books that reach the New York Times bestseller list and the international literary market. Her nonfiction clients are all over the media! She knows how to sell and promote a book.

2. Ask questions. Ask Sharlene questions relevant to your own situation. No question goes unanswered. Get some personal attention.

3. Co-host Anthony Flacco. Sharlene is co-hosting the webinar with author Anthony Flacco, whose most recent true crime book, The Road Out of Hell, is out now. You get the wisdom of two nonfiction experts for the price of one!

4. Free PDF download. After the webinar is over, you will not only be able to access it for one year online (and re-watch the presentation), you will also receive a free PDF download. It’s more instruction from Sharlene on composing a killer book proposal. (Sign up here.)


Every year, qualified writers with worthy books find themselves left by the wayside because they neglect the vital step of creating an effective book proposal before submitting their work. The principals in this workshop are designed to empower every writer who employs them with the ability to leave fantasies of success behind in favor of securing a real-world publishing contract from a mainstream publishing house. (Sign up here.) What you’ll learn:

  1. The Title Page – It’s no mere detail; we need to get it right from the beginning!
  2. The Table Of Contents – Mistakes here are an invitation to confusion.
  3. The Overview or Summary – Most important for grabbing an editor’s attention.
  4. About The Author – It can be hard to talk about yourself. Here’s how?
  5. Photo Insert – Know your Jpegs.
  6. Book Comparisons – Lazy work here can lose you a publishing contract.
  7. Your Marketing and Promotion Plan – Showing that you have the “legs” to run with this book.
  8. Chapter Outlines – How to best display your ability to structure out ideas.
  9. Sample Chapters – Show that YOU are the one to write this book.
  10. Write, Rinse, Repeat – Writer’s block? What writer’s block?

Who should attend? Writers of nonfiction books in any category, including memoir. It is aimed at individuals who have no interest in making excuses for failure, writers dedicated to the proposition that they have a worthy story to tell and valuable information to convey. When you employ the principals presented here, you will create real results that meet your goals.
Sign up here!

If you’re writing nonfiction or memoir and want to sell your proposal, sign up for Sharlene’s webinar.

Check out Sharlene and Anthony’s resource
for writers: Publish Your Nonfiction Book.

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