New Literary Agent: Ethan Vaughan of Kimberley Cameron & Associates

Dec 2013 Update: I’ve been told that Ethan is leaving the
agency. Do not query him.


Reminder: New literary agents are golden opportunities for new writers because each one is a literary agent who is likely building his or her client list. This spotlight is with agent Ethan Vaughan of Kimberley Cameron & Associates.


About Ethan: Ethan has worked in journalism since 2007, but his first introduction to publishing came with a 2011 summer internship at Folio Literary Management in New York, where he worked under the redoubtable Jeff Kleinman and got a crash course in agenting. Ethan graduated from George Mason University with a degree in government and international politics in December 2011 and began interning with Kimberley Cameron & Associates the same month.

(How NOT to start your story. Read advice from agents.)

He is seeking: “Fantasy/sci-fi (particularly of the young adult variety) has long been my default, but I also appreciate and am actively looking for women’s fiction, literary fiction, historical fiction, and historical nonfiction. While I love escaping into an incredible new world, I’m a big sucker for really well-done literary fiction (something like A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, which sheds light on who we are as humans).

“As regards my first love, fantasy, I am very selective. I strongly prefer fantasy that is somehow grounded in the real world, be that through the integration of mythology (as in the Percy Jackson series) or through a fantasy universe being hidden inside our own (as in the Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia series).

“A fantasy that takes place in a standalone or alternate world has to be exceptionally well executed to work for me.”

(What to write in the BIO section of your queries.)

How to Contact: [Ethan has left the agency as of Dec. 2013. Do not query him.]


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