New Literary Agent Alert: Thao Le of Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

Reminder: New literary agents are golden opportunities for new writers because each one is a literary agent who is likely building his or her client list. This spotlight is for agent Thao Le of Sandra Dijkstra Literary.


About Thao: She is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego with a double major in Econ-Management Science and Chinese Studies. While interning at the agency during college, she realized where her true love lies — books — and joined the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency full-time in 2011.

(Can your query be longer than one page?)

She is seeking: Thao is currently building her list and is specifically interested in middle grade and YA, as well as adult science-fiction and fantasy. She’s particularly drawn to smart, strong and sassy characters (whether they be robots, fairies, demons or of the human variety) and twisty plots with a compelling narrative. She’s always on the lookout for the type of stories that make you stay curled up in bed, turning page after page even after the sun has come up.

(Look over a list of young adult (YA) literary agents.)

Please note that Thao is specifically not interested in: biographies, business books, cookbooks, picture books, poetry, religious/spiritual books, screenplays, self-help, short stories, travel books

How to contact: thao (at) “We only accept electronic submissions. Any hardcopy submissions received by mail will be recycled unopened. Please send a query letter, a 1-page synopsis, a brief bio (including a description of your publishing history), and the first 10-15 pages of your manuscript. Please send all items in the body of the e-mail, not as an attachment.”


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5 thoughts on “New Literary Agent Alert: Thao Le of Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

  1. jevon

    Sigh. The troubles of a writer. As a new writer, I’ll be joining that rejection list soon. I read an article once where an agent admitted she rejected writers more during Spring just because it was Spring (she should be outside).

  2. SatyricalRaven

    I wouldn’t bother sending anything to Thoa.
    Given she is “actively” looking for new clients, I at least expected a FORM REJECTION from her. I sent her a query back in April 20th 2012 to which she never replied.

    I waited 7-weeks before sending a note asking if she had received my original query. Another four weeks passed without reply to that either before I emailed one of the other agents in the agency. To save myself a lot of questions, I told the other agent I had submitted to Thoa but had heard nothing in three months.

    It took the other Agent 17-days to reply to me, and within the reply she apologised for the delay as she wanted to know what Thoa thought of the work. Although the other Agent said nothing re: Thoa’s thoughts, the silence was deafening. It was pretty clear she did not bother to read my QL (I am almost sure of it, and others have had the same experience)

    In the end the other agent (who for the sake of peace and not burning every bridge) will remain nameless rejected my QL/MS but did so with a peronalised letter requesting to see future work as “even though this was not the ideal match for me I feel there is something unique in how you phase words, there is a poetry in your writing which is appealing”

    Anyway, this is not about me but my experience with Ms. Thoa Le
    If anyone is interested, take a look at the comments on her on Query Tracker – chequered to say the least. For a new agent, she is not really coming across as someone I (and many others) would want to work with.

    1. Sweetwheat

      There are VARIOUS agents from other agencies who don’t reply to submissions. It’s part of the business. There are MANY MANY other things than need to get done at an agency. Agents don’t just sit and read queries.

    2. Aquamorine

      If you go to the website, it will say that if the agent you sent a query to doesn’t like what she reads, she won’t send a reply saying so, she will ONLY reply if she likes it.


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