New Literary Agent Alert: Laura Zats of Red Sofa Literary

Reminder: New literary agents (with this spotlight featuring Laura Zats of Red Sofa Literary ) are golden opportunities for new writers because each one is a literary agent who is likely building his or her client list.




About Laura: Laura Zats graduated from Grinnell College with degrees in English and anthropology. While completing her studies, she took advantage of her love of Young Adult (YA) literature and wrote a thesis on identity formation in YA. She’s been working as an editor for several years and has held positions at companies in both the US and the UK. In 2013, Laura joined Red Sofa Literary as an Associate Agent in 2013. In her free time, Laura likes to craft, swing dance, bake, and binge on Netflix marathons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Doctor Who.

(Agents share their query letter pet peeves.)

She is seeking: Young adult and middle grade (especially contemporary for both), romance, new adult, contemporary women’s fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, and erotica.

How to submit: Query laura [at] Put “Query” in the e-mail subject line.

(What does that one word mean? Read definitions of unique & unusual literary words.)


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5 thoughts on “New Literary Agent Alert: Laura Zats of Red Sofa Literary


    She was extremely rude when I submitted my query. She told me that she would not push her clients aside just to add me. I told her that I never asked her to.

    1. odbal

      I received the same letter, so I believe it is her form rejection. I wouldn’t take it personally. It’s not the best worded, but it looks like the same one everyone receives.

  2. Ceruleas

    From a near instant response to a submission, this agent appears to be overwhelmed by submissions and unwilling to consider taking on any new authors at present. It may be worth waiting untill she is actually ‘actively seeking’ submissions.


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