New Literary Agent Alert: Heather Alexander of Pippin Properties

Reminder: New literary agents (with this spotlight featuring Heather Alexander of Pippin Properties) are golden opportunities for new writers because each one is a literary agent who is likely building his or her client list.



About Heather: Heather came into publishing through editorial at Dial, working with such authors as Jenny Martin, Vin Vogel, Scott McCormick, and Jeanne Ryan. After six years at Penguin, she was asked a very interesting question: had she ever considered becoming an agent? Many discussions later, she accepted a position at Pippin Properties, where she is building her roster of authors and illustrators, including A. N. Kang, Darren Farrell, and Jennifer Goldfinger. Follow her on Twitter: @HeatherAlexand

(Do writers need MORE than one literary agent?)

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Heather is seeking: Picture books, middle grade, YA, and literary graphic novels. Specifically quirky picture books with a strong emotional core, middle grade about a moment that changes a kid forever, and beautifully written YA. She enjoys contemporary, historical, funny, high stakes, gothic style horror, and magical realism, but not high fantasy, medieval, or time travel. She favors literary over commercial and as an agent, she is excited to develop new talent and help shape careers, which is what she loves to do best.

How to submit: Send a query addressed to Heather via email along with your first chapter of your manuscript or the entire picture book in the body of the email to info [at] Please include a short synopsis of the work(s), your background and/or publishing history, and anything else you think is relevant. No attachments, please.

(What makes an agent more likely to sign one client vs. another?)


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One thought on “New Literary Agent Alert: Heather Alexander of Pippin Properties

  1. Debbie

    I love the fact that you care about the “emotional core”. I submitted a query to you regarding a picture book that is so biographically emotional (how’s that for depth) and close to my heart that I hope it tugs at yours also. Good, happy emotions. Thank you for the opportunity.


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