New Literary Agent Alert: Brenna Barr of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management

2013 UPDATE: It appears Brenda is no longer with Dystel.
Do not query her.


Reminder: New literary agents (with this spotlight featuring Brenna Barr of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management) are golden opportunities for new writers because each one is a literary agent who is likely building his or her client list.


About Brenna: Brenna Barr joined Dystel & Goderich Literary Management after a gratifying internship at the Carolyn Jenks Agency in Cambridge, MA. When the internship came to an end, she stayed on to become Assistant to the Director. In that time, Brenna also explored the surprisingly lucrative real estate industry as a Rental Agent and Administrative and Marketing Assistant. After 6 years in Boston, she moved back to New York in 2011 to further foster her lifelong dream of a publishing career. (She has a longer personal essay online.)

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She is seeking: Brenna is attracted to true crime/adventure, the occult, humor, historical pop culture, and social issues. Regarding fiction, she is enthusiastic about graphic novels, steampunk, and alternative literature. Having recently been diagnosed with multiple food intolerances, she’s also interested in cookbooks that take these issues into account.

How to contact: [Contact info removed.]


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3 thoughts on “New Literary Agent Alert: Brenna Barr of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management

  1. Chevy

    Ms. Barr,
    Hi, I’m Chevy Falcon. I have a graphic novel about a vigilante in a fictional 15th century setting. I would like to send you a query letter of it. I hope you can consider it. I’d like to ask you to advice me as to how I can contact you. My email address is
    I hope to hear from you soon

  2. Tinika

    Ms. Barr
    Hi, I’m Tinika. I have a series of poem’s about being a soldier’s wife. Interesting reading. I’m sure you’ll love it and the ideal I have behind marketing and giving back. Please send me an email so I can send you a few poems.

  3. mdcmdaw

    Dear Ms. Barr, thank you for your willingness to accept queries. Read your personal essay and your agency’s website. The query I want to send is for my story “Carriages of Flesh”: an angel seeks to become a human from his descendants — approx. 180k words. Hope it rouses your interest in the occult and historical.
    Marta M. Weeks,


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