New Literary Agent Alert: Andy Kifer of The Gernert Company

Reminder: New literary agents (with this spotlight featuring Andy Kifer of The Gernert Co.) are golden opportunities for new writers because each one is a literary agent who is likely building his or her client list.



About Andy: Andy joined The Gernert Company in 2012 after two years working for Aram Fox, Inc., where he scouted books for foreign publishers. He grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, lived in North Carolina for five years, and worked briefly as a cross-country coach at a boarding school before starting his career in publishing. He lives in Brooklyn and runs in Prospect Park.

(How to be a literary agent’s dream client.)

He is seeking: “I’m looking for literary fiction, smart genre fiction (in particular, high-concept thrillers or sci-fi), and nonfiction with a strong narrative bent. I’m a sucker for love stories and inventive narrative structure.”

How to submit: Please query me by following The Gernert Company’s submission guidelines (see send a query letter to info [at], with “Attn: Andy Kifer ” in the e-mail’s subject line. I’d prefer to see the first few chapters pasted into the body of the e-mail. Snail mail queries to The Gernert Company’s office, addressed to me, are fine too! I promise I read everything that comes my way, though at Gernert we tend to respond only if something piques our interest.

(Should You Sign With a New Literary Agent? Know the Pros and Cons.)


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2 thoughts on “New Literary Agent Alert: Andy Kifer of The Gernert Company

  1. ScottyM23

    I submitted to Andy back in March and although he ultimately rejected me, he stayed in touch for a while and gave me personal feedback and suggestions for future revisions. These were things I probably wouldn’t have taken a deeper look into had he not pointed them out. He also said he loved the world-building and concept, but he just couldn’t get attached to the main character as much as he hoped he would.

    If you sign with Mr. Kifer, you’ll have a valuable man on your hands. And if I ever get picked up by an agent or publisher, I plan to send him a thank you note for his suggestions and encouragement.

  2. bconklin

    You’ve gotta like Gernert’s range of fiction titles, from hi-brow to genre-specific. Plus, they handle Grisham, so ’nuff said! The variety of publishers and imprints is also impressive: Viking, Dutton, Delacorte, Algonguin, Running Press, Coffee House Press out of Minneapolis. I could see Beatles vs. Stones being one of my recommended reads (no contest in my view). Also, John Freeman’s How to Read a Novelist sounds interesting. Not how to read a novel – but the novelist. Hmm.


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