New Literary Agent Alert: Allison Devereux of Wolf Literary Services

Reminder: New literary agents (with this spotlight featuring Allison Devereux of Wolf Literary Services) are golden opportunities for new writers because each one is a literary agent who is likely building his or her client list.




About Allison: Allison Devereux is Associate Agent and Foreign & Subsidiary Rights Manager at Wolf Literary Services. She also assists Gillian MacKenzie of the Gillian MacKenzie Agency. She has been with WLS since 2012, working closely with Senior Agent and VP Adriann Ranta, with whom she jointly represents clients. A Texas native, Allison earned her B.A. at the University of Texas at Austin, where she graduated from the Plan II Honors Program. Before coming to WLS, Allison worked at Macmillan in Tor Books’ managing editorial department; prior to that, she was an Editorial and Design Assistant at the Institute of Classical Archaeology in Austin, as well as an intern at the Harry Ransom Center. Find her on Twitter here.

(Secrets to querying literary agents: 10 questions answered.)

She is seeking: Allison is looking for literary and upmarket commercial fiction with fresh, unique voices and tight prose. She enjoys stories set in familiar, relatable settings, with everyman characters who find themselves in unlikely, surprising, and unexpected situations. She is also passionate about magical realism (more real than magic), and idiosyncratic, picaresque characters.

For nonfiction, Allison is interested in narrative nonfiction, compelling memoir, and books on popular and contemporary culture with a strong, original premise. She is looking for illustrated/graphic books for adults (both fiction and non), as well as blog-to-book projects. She also loves a good humor book.

Allison tends to shy away from science fiction, fantasy, and other genre fiction. She is not interested in self-help, erotica, spiritualism, hard SF, epic fantasy, or stories about fairies.

(Do writers need an outside edit before querying agents?)

How to contact: To submit a project, please send a query letter addressed to Allison along with a 50-page writing sample (for fiction) or a detailed proposal (for nonfiction) to queries [at] Samples may be submitted as an attachment or embedded in the body of the email. More information can be found on our agency submission page.


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2 thoughts on “New Literary Agent Alert: Allison Devereux of Wolf Literary Services

  1. Kenzo Nakamura

    Hi there.
    I have a novel (half graphic novel, half poetry) i need someone to review it.
    IT is about society and social issues as well as being a riddle.


  2. Elizabeth

    Oh boy! I looked at this and I write exactly as what you are looking for! My latest novel I’m working on is called “Average”. Most all of my stories but one are relatable stories! Currently I am in search of a Literary Agent and I really need one to get my stories published. I am a young teenage author and I write non-stop each day and just LOVE to write and have been in search of getting my stories published but most all publishers want someone with an agent so here I am looking for one. Most all of my stories also take place in current time periods.


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