New Agent Alert: Weronika Janczuk of D4EO Literary and Lynn C. Franklin

In June 2011, Weronika joined Lynn C. Franklin Associates.
As of fall 2012, her Twitter says she is no longer agenting.



Reminder: New literary agents (with this spotlight featuring Weronika Janczuk of D4EO Literary and Lynn C. Franklin) are golden opportunities for new writers because each one is a literary agent who is likely building his or her client list.


About Weronika: Weronika has worked in different capacities on both the publishing and agenting end of the business—with acquisitions editor Brian Farrey at Flux as well as literary agents Jenny Bent at The Bent Agency, Kathleen Anderson of Anderson Literary Management, and Mary Kole of Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

She is seeking: Single-title romances with an interesting premise and hook, particularly romances set in present-day; women’s fiction that deals with quirky and witty issues and stories that can make her both laugh and cry; literary fiction by authors with an established background and with a voice, especially books narrated by a younger protagonist; commercial fiction with a high concept; thrillers, mysteries, and crime novels that are fast-paced and transcend the genre stereotypes; horrors, both commercial and literary, with high public and private stakes; memoirs that offer interesting angles on real-life issues; and nonfiction that speaks to the general public (in specific subject areas as listed on her website,

How to contact: (It appears she is no longer agenting as of fall 2012.)


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3 thoughts on “New Agent Alert: Weronika Janczuk of D4EO Literary and Lynn C. Franklin

  1. HeatherM

    Excellent choice for a spotlight Chuck. Weronika is one of the sweetest agents I’ve come across. Her enthusiasm for the industry and her clients is nothing short of inspiring. I’m steering my friends toward her!


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