New Agent Alert: Nettie Hartsock of Max & Co.


Editor’s Note: Nettie contacted me
in May 2010 and said she was
no longer agenting. Please do
not query her.


Reminder: New literary agents (with this spotlight featuring Nettie Hartsock of Max & Co.) are golden opportunities for new writers because each one is a literary agent who is likely building his or her client list.

About Nettie: Nettie is a recovering technology journalist. She has been employed via the Web for over a decade, and is a proud member of the Internet Press Guild and Online News Association. She is also a published essayist and writer, currently adding the finishing touches to her one-woman show titled, “Drunko Bunko” which will be staged in Austin, TX in 2010. She recently started with Max & Co., a Literary Agency and Social Club.

Seeking: literary & commercial fiction. business books & popular nonfiction, and the occasional Southern fiction book.

How to submit: (Contact info removed because Nettie is no longer agenting.) E-query, and include a brief synopsis and biography stating what the book is and who you are. “Ideally both will point to a very large collection of people willing to drop $24.95 to read your work. We appreciate direct & cogent proposals (well…at least in others). Then include sample chapters as attachments, one of which must be your opening (we like to see how you take the stage). If more than four weeks have passed without a response, write again or call. E-mail was never intended to carry the burden we all now place upon it. Stuff gets lost in the ether.”


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0 thoughts on “New Agent Alert: Nettie Hartsock of Max & Co.

  1. Nettie Hartsock

    Dear Chuck,

    We briefly met at the Erma Bombeck Conference. I am no longer an agent – really only tried it for about a month and found I was absolutely a failure at it. I can’t find a direct email for you but feel terribly bad that I’m still getting at least three to five queries a week from authors who read your post and believe I can help them. I cannot help them and I really hope that you might consider deleting this post. As a writer, journalist, essayist myself I know how excrutiating it is for writers to query someone and have no response or action. Could you please help me and delete this? It’s also showing up on another site by you as a post and I’ve already sent them a note as well.

    thank you much.


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