New Agent Alert: Jeff Ourvan of the Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency

eminder: New literary agents (with this spotlight featuring Jeff Ourvan of the Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency) are golden opportunities for new writers because each one is a literary agent who is likely building his or her client list.


About Jeff: Jeff Ourvan, an attorney, published author and former editor, is a literary agent with the Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency. Prior to his career as an agent, Jeff was a litigator for many years at two large New York-based corporate law firms; a communications consultant working in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo; and an editor of Living Buddhism magazine. One of Jeff’s upcoming works, How To Coach Youth Baseball So Every Kid Wins, will be released by Skyhorse Publishing in spring 2012. Jeff is married to the novelist Jessica Jiji.

He is seeking
: His interests are varied; he represents nonfiction works, especially memoirs, histories, biographies, international current events and sports. He also represents fiction works, particularly in the young adult, thriller and international fiction categories.

How to contact: Send your query snail mail to: The Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency, LLC, 151 West 19th Street, 3rd floor, New York, NY 10011. “Please include a SASE only if you would like your material returned. Otherwise, please include your e-mail so we can use that to respond to you. Do not send original artwork or the only copy of your manuscript, either in hard copy or by CD/DVD.”


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2 thoughts on “New Agent Alert: Jeff Ourvan of the Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency

  1. Giora

    Monica, you have nothing to lose by adding a sentence at the end of your query like that:"My experience includes being an editor with an educational publisher for xxx years." And let the literary agent decides if it’s relevant or not. For me it’s seems to be very relevant because if your novel is good it will save the book publisher time on editing your novel. But hopefuly Jeff or Chuck will give you a professional answer. Best wishes from Canada, Giora

  2. Monica

    I have a question regarding queries and would email you, but can’t seem to find an address.

    While I’m revising my novel, I’m doing what I can to educate myself on what makes a good query. I have learned that if you are unpublished and have no related experience, it’s best to leave that fact alone and get on with the meat of the query. I understand this, and that pretty much describes me.

    But I occasionally see examples of queries that make me ask this question. I was an editor (until the recession bumped me down to proofreader) with an educational publisher – editing textbooks, not fiction. Unrelated to the writing of a book – but perhaps for the process that follows? In other words, would it matter to an agent/editor that I have been an editor and know something of the process of editing and what it takes to publish a project? Or is it still irrelevant?

    I know this is a long shot. I just thought if this was a possibility, I shouldn’t pass this up. I’m certainly ready to set that aside and focus on my story, writing the best query I possibly can. Thanks for your time!


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