New Agent Alert: Gordon Warnock of Andrea Hurst & Associates Literary Management

2013 UPDATE: Gordon Warnock is no longer with Andrea Hurst Literary.
He left in 2013 to co-found the new agency, Fuse Literary.
Reminder: New literary agents (with this spotlight featuring Gordon Warnock of Andrea Hurst & Associates Literary Management) are golden opportunities for new writers because each one is a literary agent who is likely building his or her client list.

About Gordon: He started as an intern with Andrea Hurst Literary Management, a Sacramento-based agency, and has now been promoted to full agent. Recently, he attended the 2009 San Francisco Writers Conference and the 2009 Jack London Writers Conference. E-mail:

Nonfiction areas of interest: Memoir, Pets, Cookbooks, Self-Help, Current Events, Humor, How-To, Health and Dieting.

Fiction areas of interest: Commercial Narrative, Character-Driven Literary, Monster and Disaster, Pets, Humor. Does not want to receive: Religious Fiction, Women’s Fiction, New Age, Children’s and YA. 

How to Submit: “Please query one agent only from this agency. E-mail your query and please include your query in the body of the email–no attachments. Do not send proposals, sample chapters or manuscripts unless specifically requested by an agent. They will not be opened or returned. Please indicate if you are simultaneously submitting to other agents. Give some time to respond—in busy periods this may take several weeks. The agent will contact you if we are interested in seeing more.  If interested in seeing more of your work, we will request a synopsis, author bio, sample chapters, and, for nonfiction books, a proposal. Fiction must be complete to be considered. Please send only your very best, most ruthlessly edited work. Hint: If you just finished your novel recently, chances are it is not yet ready for scrutiny.”



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