New Agent Alert: Drew Perez of Andrea Hurst & Associates

Note from Chuck (December 2010):
It appears from that Drew has stopped
agenting. Do not query him.

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Reminder: New literary agents (with this spotlight featuring Drew Perez of Andrea Hurst & Associates) are golden opportunities for new writers because each one is a literary agent who is likely building his or her client list.




About Drew: Drew began as an intern for Andrea Hurst & Associates while working on his Masters Degree in English Literature. Combining a deep sense for plot and character development along with his extensive experience with all manner of fiction, from literary to pop culture, Drew moved to an agent position where he keeps an eye out for the book that demands he keep turning the page. Drew utilizes his development talents to help bolster novels through structural edits and reorganization. Currently, he is building his list by looking for new writers that offer something different to the market while keeping that appeal needed to bring the readers back again and again.

He is seeking: Fiction: Historical, Military, Thriller, Mystery, Some Science Fiction, Some Fantasy Humor, Literary, Pop Culture, Young Adult. Nonfiction: Health and Fitness, Business, Pop Culture, Humor, Relationships. Not looking for: Women’s Fiction, New Age, Children’s.

Drew’s tastes run the gauntlet in the fiction world. Inheriting a taste for military fiction from his father, Drew keeps an eye out for historical fiction from any time period, but appreciates Victorian to WWII works that shed a different light on well-known history. He also enjoys Science Fiction and some Fantasy, especially those stories concentrated on the darker, character driven stories. He likes his sci-fi and fantasy in the gutters, not the stars. Drew especially likes Latino fiction or stories from Central and South America, be they character driven literary to thrillers.”

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How to contact: E-Query and put “Query” in the subject line. Paste your query in the e-mail; no attachments. Please indicate if this is a simultaneous submission. Responds in up to 2 months. “If we are interested in seeing more of your work, we will request a synopsis, author bio, sample chapters, and, for nonfiction books, a proposal.”

(How to compose a query letter.)


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One thought on “New Agent Alert: Drew Perez of Andrea Hurst & Associates

  1. Melissa Marsh

    Is Drew Perez still an agent for Andrea Hurst? I went to their website and his name is only listed under the submission guidelines. There is no agent profile or anything else.


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