New Literary Agent Alert: Jennifer Thompson and Isabelle Bleecker of Nordlyset Literary Agency

After 15 years of working together selling rights for the Perseus Book imprints, Jennifer Thompson and Isabelle Bleecker decided to set up their own agency—Nordlyset Literary Agency—with partner Nathan Vogt. Both Jennifer and Isabelle are publishing veterans with over 20 years of experience in the book industry in roles ranging from scouting, editing, and production to rights licensing, so they know what publishers are looking for and the ins and outs of the publishing process. Jennifer is Minneapolis based. Isabelle lives in New York, and they’ve had the pleasure of working on books by Howard Gardner, Richard Feynman, Judith Herman, Irvin Yalom, Timothy Snyder, George Soros, Wendy Sherman, Muhammad Yunus, Ellen Langer, Serhii Plokhy, Esmeralda Santiago, Edward Frankel, Douglas Hofstadter, John Medina, Jonathan Haidt, Erin Meyer, Claudia Gold, Martin Ford, Michelle Knight, Jacob Soll, Paul Halpern, among many others through their long careers. True book people and inveterate readers with a global publishing perspective, they aim to help the thinkers and creators who are changing the world (or bringing us new ways of perceiving it) bring their ideas to the forefront and start the important conversations. Isabelle has a degree in literary studies with a focus on Japanese literature from Middlebury College. Jennifer studied English literature at St. Olaf College and has a master’s in international affairs from Columbia University.

Seeking: Both are looking for quality literary fiction and nonfiction by experts in their fields writing for a wide audience in the areas of popular science and math, history, business and economics, current affairs, psychology, psychology-based parenting, international economics and affairs, and self-help.

How to Submit: Please send queries to or Queries should include a cover letter and either a proposal or the first fifty pages of your manuscript, as well as a brief synopsis and a bio.

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