New Agency Alert: The McVeigh Agency

The McVeigh Agency

Former editor Mark McVeigh has recently opened his own literary agency.  Here’s some more info:

Adult writing areas of interest: “fiction of all kinds, nonfiction (especially) biographies and history), memoir, photo books on fashion, art, architecture, and more, graphic novels.”

Juvenile areas of interest: “picture books that are character driven, funny, and with a totally kid-centric hook; chapter books, middle-grade books for both boys and girls, especially manuscripts that have series potential; young adult of all sorts, from comic to angst-y, from envelope-pushing, issue-based to swooningly romantic; graphic novels; unusual or very topical nonfiction.”

For both adult and children’s: “Illustrators with an arresting look and a versatile style who are capable of illustrating picture books, covers, and interoir art. Photographers with the skill to handle both commercial and more literary projects.”  And also: “Books with particular appeal to children and adults of color. This country is based on the idea of a melting pot, and I want my clients and their books to reflect that. No matter what color you are, I want to represent books that resonate with you and your world. Writers shape the books they write, but these books shape the people who read them: I’m totally aware of this and committed to growing the list of successful authors and illustrators of color.”

How to contact: Unsolicited queries should go to mark [at] No snail mail queries.


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3 thoughts on “New Agency Alert: The McVeigh Agency

  1. ouis vuitton

    I think you need a bit more of a story with this as this isn’t really a news story in its current form. Perhaps you could write about why you like Michael so much?

    It is hard to say such a thing is clear.

    Significant change, it is.

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