The Blog Reaches 1,000 Posts — And I Offer 4 Good Reasons For You to Keep Reading It

I passed 1,000 posts yesterday. Rock on. This blog is approaching its three-year anniversary and keeps growing. After a record-setting March in terms of page views, April’s final number was 10,000 higher. Thank you to my regulars, and my commenters, and my many amazing guest bloggers. And to celebrate (at the suggestion of a wonderful commenter), I will give away 5 year-long subscriptions to (value: $50 a pop). All you have to do is comment on this post and say something nice about any book or product you’ve used from WD. It can be a book or webinar or magazine issue or article or whatever. Simply point out something that helped you and say one nice thing about it. I’ll pick 5 winners at random one week from today.

And if you’re new to this blog, let me give you four good reasons why you should add it to your usual reading. Here are four people who recently contacted me to say they signed with agents because of my blogging and links:


1. Writer Gwen Hayes
, who says: “I found Jessica (Sinsheimer) through your GLA interview last August. She signed me in September and we sold Falling Under, in December. Quite the whirlwind!”

2. Writer Jess Haines, who says: “I found my agent through a GLA article. My first book, Hunted by the Others, came out in May 2010.” 

3. Writer Jen Corkill Hunt, who says: “After you posted Kimberley Shumate as a new agent, I contacted her and was signed. You’re awesome and I send as many authors to you as I can. Thanks!”

4. Writer Joanna Haugen, who says: “I’ve been reading your blog for awhile, and when this post about Bree Ogden came through my RSS feed, I decided to try querying her with my picture book. Within a week I had signed on as a new client with Martin Literary Management. Thank you for featuring new agents ~ I never would have found Bree without this column!”

That’s my version of “Show, don’t tell.” Hope you like it!

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38 thoughts on “The Blog Reaches 1,000 Posts — And I Offer 4 Good Reasons For You to Keep Reading It

  1. Shelly Campbell-Harley

    Hi, Chuck! Congratulations on the 1,000 posts. I have written 5 children’s manuscripts and am working on the 6th. I also have finished an eBook I’m getting ready to publish on my website. I have been reading your blog for awhile and really enjoying it–I’m gleaning a lot of information and hopefully will find an agent soon because of all your help! Thanks again. Shelly Campbell-Harley

  2. Amanda

    Wow, 1000 posts! I have been reading this blog for a long time and here’s to many more! I love the "How I Got My Agent" stories, because they are inspiring and interesting. I’ve also spent hours poring over various editions of the GTLA. Such a useful resource. Thanks for the blog and all you do!

  3. Eric

    I enjoy the articles in both the Writer’s Digest Magazine and on this blog about new agents. I am currently working on my second novel while at the same time working on my blog (Which I hope someday to turn into a humor book). Thank you for your dedication to introduce new agents willing on taking on new clients.

  4. Jan Wondra

    To paraphrase Seneca, "As long as you live, keep learning how to write."

    This is why I follow this blog — no matter the topic, I find something useful and enlightening that I hope will make me a better writer.

    And then again — there are the books. I ordered one small volume, A Writer’s Paris, just before leaving on a family trek to Paris a year ago and found it to be exactly what it said it was: a guided journey for the creative soul. I read it daily and never fail to find something for the day that, combined with persistence, may one day land me a query polished enough to land an agent, to help get my work a publisher.

    Thank you!

  5. Margaret Ethridge

    I love this blog! My favorite feature is the ‘How I Got my Agent’ columns. I had a very discouraging week last week, but I read Jackie Lee Miles’ story of perseverence, and now my head is in the game again!

  6. Miranda Rider

    I’m reasonably new to the writing world–and it can feel like an alien planet. However, one of the biggest "guides to the planet" for me has been the 2010 Guide to Literary Agents. Without it, I’d feel like I was walking through a sand-storm. Now it’s merely mist.

  7. Kate

    I just found your blog recently and I love it! I’m still in the beginning stages of my novel, and I’m finding I want to bookmark just about every post "for later". Right now the articles that are super helpful to me are all of the tips about first chapters. I have pieces of the middle of the book written, but the first chapter is intimidating, trying to keep it from being boring, or maybe worse, cliche. Thanks for all of the great advice!

  8. Leslie

    Wow. You know what? I have to be completely honest here (even if it means I’m ineligible). I’ve never read your blog before this moment. Never heard of it.

    I found it tonight while doing a search to see if there were any Writer’s Market promo codes out there. This post was on the second page of the Google search.

    And I can honestly say, after just looking through a few of your posts, that I am hooked. New, dedicated reader, right here. You won me over immediately.

    So, even if I never find that elusive Writer’s Digest promo code, and even if I don’t win the year promotion you’re doing, I’m here to stay.

    Yay! (And THANK YOU! I’m going to be here allllllllll night.)

  9. Carl

    I have an entire bookshelf of WD books, but it was the Novel Writing Workshop I took years ago that may have been most useful. It was the first time that I ever received feedback from a published writer, and it helped me see flaws in my writing that a book would never uncover.

    Congrats on your 1000th post, and thank you for this blog!

  10. Lisa Lane

    Rock on, indeed! Congrats on your 1000th post, as well as the vast readership you’ve accrued. This is by far the most valuable blog I read, and I’m very thankful for the guest spot earlier this year. Keep up the fantastic work!

  11. Patrick Vasarhelyi

    Chuck, I think I’ve probably read half of your posts so far and am working my way through the rest of them via the archives. The GLA blog is the first thing I consult in the morning; it always has something useful. The agent interviews are the best. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  12. Jess Haines

    Congrats on 1,000 posts, Chuck, that’s amazing!!

    I found my agent through a WD article. I do believe you wrote it, too. *g*

    No need to enter me, just wanted to share my little WD tidbit of success and say thank you again!


  13. Lindsey Edwards

    Congrats on reaching 1,000 posts Chuck! That’s quite an achievement!

    The latest book I read from WD was The Art of War For Writers by James Scott Bell. I actually just spotlighted the book on my blog this month it was so good!

    Keep up the good work! I have a link to GTLA blog on the sidebar of my blog so that my readers can access your site easily, although many of them have a link on their own blogs as well. You’re quite popular! As for me, I check your blog here every day!

  14. Deborah Blake

    I am a big fan 🙂 My WD "Guide" books (Writer’s Market, Guide to Agents, etc.) have been some of the most used books in my house during the last two years as I pursued my agent search. Now that I have my agent (Elaine Spencer of The Knight Agency), I will use them to start checking on publishing houses!

  15. Shannon O'Donnell

    I am a long-time follower and love, love, love this blog! My most helpful resource is the Guide to Literary Agents. I have purchased both the 2009 and 2010 versions, and they are worth their weight in gold – as is all of the info to be found right here.

    Thanks for all you do.

  16. Carrie

    I am just starting the querying process and have been reading through the archives. I love learning about the different agents and seeing which ones that I think would best fit me. Thanks!!

  17. Florence Fois

    What I love the most are the articles about the agents. It isn’t easy to continue seeing them as "people" when as an aspiring writer, we mostly see them as the dreaded invisible REJECTION.

    I come back here for the same reasons I continue to persue an agent, it makes sense. If you want to do something, why not do it right.

    Love it and thanks again for this web site and for the many interesting contributors. My favorties are: Successful Queries.

    Never can get enough advice.

  18. Tamara Hughes

    I’m a relatively new reader of this blog, but I’ve found I love all the articles on new agents. I’m currently querying, and this is a huge help. Thank you for sharing all this great information.

  19. Jeanie Ryan

    There are so many WD books on my craft shelves that it was hard to pick one. Next to my computer, with the most important reference books, are all of Donald Maass’ craft books, but everyone knows about those. What I’m going to tell is Bonnie Neubauer’s <i>The Write-Brain Workbook</i> and not just because I’ve met her and she was super nice to my kids. I use her exercises to jump start me and get me in a writing frame of mind before I work on my MS each day. Before her, I used to have to spend 1/2 to 1 hour fighting words before things started flowing.

  20. Jessica Brown

    I love every blog! I am not ready for an agent yet, but through your posts, I have learned who to and who not to query. Through Writer’s Digest I bought the Write Great Fiction series (digital editions), at half-off for Earth Day. They are a great set of reference books for writing, and the only thing better than half off is free. Most of the advice from Writer’s Digest is free, and I along with many other writers appreciate that!

  21. PatriciaW

    When I let my WD subscription lapse, the blog and free newsletter became a great way to get some of information I expected to miss. I’ve linked to WD articles and blog posts many times in the weekly tidbits post on my own blog. One of my favorite features is the "How I Got My Agent" column.

  22. Michelle Teacress

    I became a regular reader a few days ago, wishing I would have done so sooner. I’m continually amazed at the quality information you share and give WD my thanks. I was particularly impressed with today’s post on what to ask an agent, citing the article in GET AND AGENT. Thanks again.

  23. John Crothers

    I am fairly new here but I have read all the archives and I cannot believe how much information is contained here. I suggested this site to a friend at school who is in the process of writing abook. I have finished my first novel and this site has given me a "head start" on the writing bidness!

  24. Megan Haskell

    I’m new here at WD, only following for the last couple of weeks, but I’ve already found some great tips that have helped my writing. Your footnotes post a couple of days ago was perfectly timed – I’m currently working on developing character voice and the links were really helpful. Thanks!

  25. Livia Blackburne

    So I’ve said this before, but it was Alice Pope’s webinar on Children’s writing that really got me started. Through that, I started my brain science and creative writing blog, found a critique group, started networking, meeting other writers, agents, and editors. I’m having a blast!

  26. L. Ell

    Congratulations, Chuck. Your blog is on my daily read schedule. I use it to find new agents who represent nonfiction so that I can add them to my blog’s NF A-List(NonFiction Agents List). That’s at Calling All Aspiring Writers of Nonfiction Books.

    I also want to sing the praises of a book published by Writer’s Digest Books: "Publish Your Nonfiction Book" by Sharlene Martin and Anthony Flacco. I find it so valuable that I am giving away one copy of it every month for the next three months. Everyone following Calling All Aspiring Writers of Nonfiction Books is eligible for the drawing.

  27. Sean Patrick Reardon

    Chuck, congrats and many thanks for all you do for writers. I am a daily follower /reader of your blog. The GTLA 2010 has been an invaluable resource, as well as the limited subsciption to WM that came alonmg with it. There are so many things WD has helped me with, it is hard to pick just one. I’m going to go with the WD forum, because I have learned so much in the 5 years I have been a member. Thanks again and keep rockin’ the house.

  28. MissV

    Okay, I just re-read my comment and had to add that I was just kidding. (I gotta remember that one’s tone doesn’t always translate well on paper / screen!)

    I don’t comment here often, but I always read! Congrats on 1,000!

  29. James Montgomery Jackson

    I keep track of how many useful posts each blog that I watch generates. I eliminate those with the fewest and pass on to others those I find most useful. Guide to Literary Agents is one of the ones I pass on. Thank you Chuck for the last 1,000 and the next 1,000.

    WD’s <i>Write Great Fiction</i> series of books has and continues to provide me with tools, techniques and insights in writing better.

    ~ Jim

  30. Emily Marchman

    I have had many good experiences from WD. All the best advice I read is from this magazine, and in December I had an amazing experience at the Editor Intensives. I learned a lot and got an inspiration boost to take my manuscript submissions to the next level. Even getting my submission ready for the Editor Intensives showed me how much I can accomplish in a small amount of time. Thanks, Chuck and WD!

  31. John Ochwat

    You know, I would have said something nice even without the inducement. I follow a lot of publishing blogs, and this is one of the best for a serious writer. You get to hear a lot of voices of agents and writers, and I like the cover band sagas, too (not just because I wrote a book about a band … it also adds personality, something that all too often goes missing when blogs try too hard to be professional).


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