Save Money With The Writer's Digest VIP Program

Writer’s Digest has started something cool recently: a new VIP program. It’s kind of discount all-in-one package where you get tons of stuff for one price. It’s a great offer so check it out!

Subscribers get:

       1) One-year U.S. subscription to Writer’s Digest magazine (retail value: $47.92).
       2) One-year of online access to, with updated listings for more than 8,000 book publishers, magazines, literary agents, contests, scriptwriting markets, and more (retail value: $39.99).
       3) Access to our most important webinar: The Essentials of Online Marketing & Promotion — a 1-hour tutorial on how to promote yourself as a writer, and get the attention of editors and agents (retail value: $99.00).
       4) 10% off Writer’s Online Workshops course registrations: get one-on-one attention and professional, personalized critiques of your writing, all on your schedule and at ho
       5) Plus 10% off all purchases made at the Writer’s Digest Shop throughout the year.

This is a total retail value of $198.80. However, when you sign up today to become a VIP, you receive everything for less than 50 clams.  Not too shabby.

(The Writer’s Digest VIP program is open to residents of the United States only. We still love you though, Canada.)

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