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My Gnome Attack Book Lands Mention in Reader's Digest; Good News Has Inspired Another Free Giveaway to Commenters

Categories: Contests, My Writing Life.
(Update: Notified winners are Tom F & Eliza C.
Congrats you two!)

In appreciation of the extreme good news that How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack got a nice mention in the Oct. 2010 Reader’s Digest (comes out today or tomorrow), I am doing another super-awesome, free giveaway.


To enter, just comment on this blog post. Two winners will be chosen at random to win a free, signed copy of all three of my books:

     1) How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack
     2) 2011 Guide to Literary Agents
     3) Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript.

(I must be able to mail the books to an address in the U.S., and you must include an e-mail so that I can contact you. Enter by EOD Sept. 18.)

  • Leave a comment, any comment, for one chance to win.

  • Leave a comment involving a gnome pun for two chances to win.

  • Leave a comment with some kind of link to your blog/site where you post good news/content about any of my books, and receive five chances to win.

Page 18 of the Oct. 2010 issue
of Reader’s Digest highlights
How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack
in the upper-left corner!

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52 Responses to My Gnome Attack Book Lands Mention in Reader's Digest; Good News Has Inspired Another Free Giveaway to Commenters

  1. Art Rosch says:

    Congratulations, Chuck. Now you can settle into a life that’s gnome or work like you worked before.

    Art Rosch


  2. Lisa Lane says:

    Huge congrats, Chuck! I will be sure to take your garden gnome advice the next time I venture out into the great un-gnome.

    Sure would love a signed copy. :-p

    I have shared your wonderful news via Facebook:

  3. Remember, Gnome Ann is an island. Very important. Best of luck with the book. And gnome ore worries when those checks roll in.
    Joyce Audy Zarins

  4. Gnome attack? I ain’t afraid of no attackin’ gnomes! In fact I thought it was gophers, but that may be what has been tunneling through my front, side and back yard including three vegetable garden areas. Do gnomes eat zucchini?

    You have my email address. Total comments are on my blog at http://www.backcountrywriter.wordpress.com
    My mailing address is P.O. Box 1103, Springville, CA 93265

  5. Rosemary Lombard says:

    Oops–forgot the ID fields first time around.

    We gnomenate that despicable author of How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack for the unenviable position of Most Wanted by the Secret Brotherhood of Garden Gnomes. We of keen gnomological minds will find him! He will find us gnomadic, not static, in all places at all times, our hatless guise and gnoms de guerre disguising our presence. Though through his gnosy, gnoisy book he has divulged a fraction of our secret strategy and gnomenclature, there is much to him not gnown. Does he expect gno gnome attack? By gnomes’ omens gnomniscient, he will fall before us!

    /s/ Gnorman, gnamed Secretary, Chapter Gno. 99,999
    Secret Brotherhood of Garden Gnomes
    Everywhere, Gnome-Man’s-Land

  6. Reposting due to bad link:
    Big fan of gnomes here, and I do hope Reader’s Digest’s progressive stance on fae folk helps lead us to a world where there is gnome-more disparagement of small, magic people. I further explain my thrilled response to Chuck’s great news at http://lindagodfrey.wordpress.com Congratulations Chuck!

  7. Big fan of gnomes here, and I do hope Reader’s Digest’s progressive stance on fae folk helps lead us to a world where there is gnome-more disparagement of small, magic people. I further explain my thrilled response to Chuck’s great news at http://bit.ly/diLJXF Congratulations Chuck!

  8. L. Ell says:

    Congratulations, Chuck. I’ll look for the piece in my Reader’s Digest. I gnome your book will do well. :>)

  9. It’s true, Chuck, it’s just human nature. No matter the intrinsic pride from seeing your book in print, you want to go where everybody knows your gnome.


  10. Melody says:

    Great contest! Congratulations on your Reader’s Digest mention!!!!

  11. Sora Ryu says:

    Congratulations on your book! Your blog has offered me so much guidance in submitting query letters and proposals that I just wanted to say a big thank you as well.

    I’ve never actually seen a gnome in real life. With your book in mind, I’ll be careful if I ever do see one. :)

  12. Jane Steen says:

    I wish your book phegnomeical success, as opposed to iggnomeinious failure.

  13. Kelly says:

    Congrats on the success! Chuck’s my gnome boy! *groan*

  14. Michael Dabney says:

    Congratulations on the book. I will probably see you at an event on Saturday. But just remember, no matter how far and wide you travel, "There’s no place like Gnome."

  15. Eliza Cross says:

    Congratulations on the Reader’s Digest article, Chuck — by writing "How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack" you’ve clearly followed that age-old advice, "Write what you gnome."

  16. Congratulations, Chuck, and best wishes for more of this great kind of publicity!

  17. Well done! Looking forward to a book about an uprising of lawn jockeys next (or would that be politically incorrect?). Seriously though, good job and congratulations!

  18. Jewel Allen says:

    Congrats, Chuck. I hope your book gets gnominated for lots of awards! :-)

  19. Meradeth says:

    I don’t gnome about you, but I think it’s awesome that your book was mentioned in RD. Plus, I really want to read it :)

  20. Katy Higgins says:

    If I read Chuck’s gTome "How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack"(with lots of gnomenclature about attack gnomes), I might may just develop a syngdrome called "Gnomeaphobia" and stay ghome with my doors locked.

    I wonder, Chuck, do you have a Gnome de Plume?

  21. Sheila Deeth says:

    No-m-y eyes aren’t deceiving me but I’d love to have these books arrive a mine ‘ome.

  22. GJ Berg says:

    Any truth to the rumor you’re heading to Alaska to investigate the history of Nome’s Gnomes?

  23. I don’t gnome any good puns. Sorry! (Does that count?)

    I will link this post to my Facebook account and make sure you get it. I don’t know how many points you want to give me for that.

    This a great prize package.

  24. Susan Spann says:

    There once was a lurking blog reader/who wrote comments so people could see her/but while on her way home/she was set on by gnomes/who took their best shot to delete her.

    The worst part is, during the attack, all I could think was "there’s no place like gnome."


  25. Mark Nardi says:

    It seems like a story about Gnomes would be more appropriate in the Readers Digest Condensed Version.

    I’m just sayin’.

  26. Hard to follow Anne Gallagher’s wonderful limerick. But how could I not leave a comment when your formatting book is now saving my life?

    I’m not entering to win since I guest blog for Jane Friedman and that wouldn’t be right. I just wanted say thanks. :)

  27. Gale Martin says:

    I love garden gnomes–I had a reformation midlife–and would be honored to win your book. I read many of your columns and interviews and I’m sure your gnome book would be equally enjoyable.

  28. Anne Gallagher says:

    I don’t know if this counts as a pun but I wrote a limerick. Hope it counts.

    There once was a gnome named Chuck,
    who wrote a really great book.
    We all wanted a piece
    of his free literary feast,
    So all I can say is good luck.

    Posting the contest on my blog for tomorrow.

  29. Hi Chuck,

    Congratulations on your book being out and around. I posted it on my blog:

    I’m sure it will really hit close to gnome for some folks.


  30. michele shaw says:

    Great news, Chuck. I’ve been gnome to write some bad puns, so I’ll refrain.

  31. Gilliad Stern says:

    Haha, stumbled across this page from a Twitter link of one of my followers. This looks like it will become one of my constants during my work day. I also love the book title and am going to add it to my must read list.

    "Gnome Sweet Gnome."

  32. Jeremy says:

    Garden you glad that reader’s digest is helping people get to gnome you? wait wait. I can do better than that. How about: "You’re mention in Reader’s Digest just proves you’ve unlocked the genome of the Garden Gnome attack." Sigh. That’ll have to do. Sincerely, congratulations! I enjoy your blog and thank you for giving us all a laugh while educating us in avoiding deadly gnomenclature.

  33. Casey says:

    Your book sounds great, and I love your helpful advice. While I am not *gnomally* a big fan of lawn sculpture, I never realized my aversion might have more sinister *roots*.

    Also, if you have not already done so, you should check out the game Gnome Wars at Brigade Games. They obviously are taking the gnome threat very seriously, as well they should.

  34. I’m excited about the chance to win a copy of your books. I’d love to leave a Gnome pun, but all my attempts are far too ignominious, so… :)

  35. Kate says:

    Every reference library should include a copy of How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack. The literary world has been inundated with references and survival guides when faced with zombies, vampires, werewolves, and even hooded, soul-sucking wraiths á la Harry Potter. But until now, no one has ventured to expose the potential invaders that lurk in our gardens and backyards. Kudos, Chuck, for being the first to provide these essential defense techniques.

    By the way, "to gnome me is to love me" :)

  36. Jo Lawler says:

    I believe this book may become the ultimate handbook of suburban outdoors men and women everywhere – there is sure to be an uprising, just as the cave men are fighting back for being maligned in commercials.

    So, will you be writing about how to survive a cave man attack next?

    Thanks a million!

  37. Emma says:

    Alas, I don’t have a good pun for you, but there is a great pub and restaurant in St. Paul, MN, called The Happy Gnome. You should think about doing an event there!

  38. Adam says:

    Sounds like a very fun book. I’d write more about the author, but I don’t gnome.

  39. #1 Yay!! *claps hands* one comment down.
    #2 Dang, I don’t have a gnome joke/pun/riddle, but I like gnomes, diabolical thinks that they are . . .
    #3 http://fantasycrapshoot.blogspot.com/2010/09/chuck-sambuchinos-new-release.html
    Sorry, it didn’t draw more traffic, but I was on vacation sans computer and couldn’t hustle my writing friends.

  40. Theresa Schultz says:

    Congratulations! Love the title!

  41. Actually, I mentioned you and your book in my blog entry from yesterday:


    And, completing the trifecta, here’s Gnome Pun Intended, a site devoted to Gnome Puns!


    Ta dah!!!

    — Tom

  42. amber says:

    a gnome pun? make gnome mistake that this giveaway is awesome!!

  43. amber says:

    i’ve always wanted to know how to survive a gnome attack!! i’d love to win :-)

  44. I am entering gnome-man’s land here, this being the first book drawing I’ve entered in a very long time. But in the spirit of the contest, I wrote a blog post– Typing One-Handed: 3 Reasons You Should Enter Giveaway Contests.

  45. Jodi says:

    The gnome book sounds hilarious!

    Take care,

  46. Christy King says:

    I read about your book in the October issue of Reader’s Digest and I must say that it is a must read for me. I am deathly afraid of gnomes and must know how to defend myself. Congrats on the inclusion and on your book.

  47. Congratulations on both the publication of your book and the nice spread in the Reader’s Digest! I would be out buying issues at every supermarket, discount store, and drug store if my book was so featured – then handing the copies out to all my friends, relatives, neighbors, and the lot.

    I have your book on my "must read" list because after all, I have a few gnomes of my own outside my home and thought it would be wise to prepare in the event of attack!

  48. Janet Boyer says:

    In noticed your Gnome book when compiling my New Releases page several weeks ago and told my Facebook friends about it (what a funny title–great Gnomenclature). I’m also a WD subscriber, so I’ve already read it; was happy to see the Gnome book mentioned!

  49. JK Willis says:

    Hello, Chuck. Congrats on your book. I love what you do with this site, and it is mandatory reading for me Monday through Friday. I have ordered this book. I’d like to paraphrase the famous muppet newscaster from my childhood Gary Gnu and say: "No Gnome is good gnome."

  50. Cortney Phillips says:

    Hi Chuck, I love following you on Twitter and would love to get free copies of your books!

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