Molto Bene: Gnomes Gets Offer For Italian-Language Rights

Got some exciting news last week. Italy’s coolest publishing house, whose name I cannot even remember now, made an offer to buy Italian-language rights of How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack. So cool! It will be insane to see a different cover with a different language on it.

I suspect the reason Italy was the first territory (country) to make an offer is simply because of my name (thank you, Dad, for that). Perhaps your average Roman these days is much more eager to buy a book from an Italian author than a non-Italian. Score one for the Sambuchino family.

I asked my editor a few questions about all this and she said it could take 1-2 years before the book is actually in bookstores in Italy, but no matter. This is so cool it’s worth the wait.

The book comes out Sept.
7, 2010.
You can pre-order
from Amazon.

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6 thoughts on “Molto Bene: Gnomes Gets Offer For Italian-Language Rights

  1. Amanda

    I feel like you may have covered this in a previous post, but are you planning on putting out an ebook version of this? Living over in Denmark means books are too expensive to buy and even more expensive to ship. Also- I liked your book even more after seeing that under ‘people who purchased this item also bought”, Amazon listed the first season of the Big Bang Theory. While there’s no actual correlation between the 2, it made me happy. And, Congrats!

  2. Chuck

    Perhaps down the road, sure. Right now, as far as I can figure, Random House (who owns Ten Speed) has foreign rights people who work with territories to sell rights to books. It’s a whole nother division and I still can’t quite wrap my mind around it yet.

  3. L. Ell

    Congratulations, Chuck. Why not share with us the process used for developing foreign rights. I haven’t read a blog post about that and I think it would be interesting.


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