Insane Good Fortune: First Print Run for Gnomes Jumps to 35K

I am not exactly sure why, and my editor offered only the explanation of “specialty shop demand,” but the first print run of my book recently jumped from a solid 20,000 to an amazing 35,000. (I just keep thinking to myself: “No pressure.”) Because of demand, the release date also moved from Sept. 21 to Sept. 7, which, once again, I’ve been told this is a good thing but only makes me think of how behind I am on that book release party.

This is a very exciting time for the book, because I’ve been told sales and marketing are trying to squeeze it into small shops as well as large chains. Every store that wants to carry it means more pre-orders, and in the next few months, we try to sell foreign rights to places like the U.K. and the ultimate land of gnomelovers: Germany! It’s all happening so fast; I will keep you posted.

The book comes out Sept. 7, 2010.
You can pre-order it from Amazon.

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11 thoughts on “Insane Good Fortune: First Print Run for Gnomes Jumps to 35K

  1. Leigh Attaway Wilcox

    Congratulations, Chuck! What fun news!!

    I saw that Joanne Faries commented earlier…you were a BIG hit at the TWW conference! Lots of stalkers–I mean followers–here in the Dallas area!

    Thanks for the update; can’t wait to hear more.


  2. Joanne Faries

    Congrats Chuck – sounds quite humorous – love the title. You are a hard working man. We met several years ago when you came to Dallas for our Trinity Writers’ Workshop. I’ve been following you ever since (literary stuff), not stalking), and your advice has been spot on. Thanks and continued success.

  3. Heather

    Every author’s dream. I am excited for you just to read this and imagine your feeling…..I am a very lucky individual and share that in thought with you now. I will watch for a further surge in orders. Bountiful sales & many happy readers to You! H.


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