Gnome Attack Roundup: Ireland Interview Forthcoming, Book Giveaway with FNC, and More

I got a call from a news program in Ireland this week! — asking for an interview. It was exciting to see that word of gnome attacks is getting over the pond. I did a few other radio interviews this week, one with a station in Cincinnati and another in Ocala, FL. I will let you know if podcasts go online. The one with Ocala was a hoot because I talked to callers live over the phone. People called in and joked with me, while others asked if I was being serious and therefore was a crazy person.

This was what I saw when I walked into
Joseph Beth Booksellers in Cincinnati
for my book release party last month.
Super awesome.

Interviews & Coverage:

(If you are interested in doing an interview or feature, let me know! Write me at

If you haven’t nabbed a copy of GNOMES
yet, grab one on Amazon!

Gnomevicious Tweets!! WELL WELL WELL, it
appears my ultra-nemesis, the evil garden warrior known only as
Gnomevicious, is tweeting now as of yesterday. I would suggest everyone
follow him on Twitter just to keep track of his evil whereabouts. Follow him here: @gnomevicious.

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