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Gnome Attack Roundup: Back to the Printer for 15K More, Amazon Ranking Hits 800s, and More

Categories: My Writing Life.

My bit of big news this week is simply that Ten Speed Press went back to the printer for 15,000 more copies of my book. The first printing was 35K and this will make it an even 50K as we approach the book’s three-month release anniversary. That is extremely good news. So far, the book is doing outstanding and I hope to have more big news regarding foreign or film rights one of these days. I wonder how the holiday season will impact sales of my book and books in general. I will track some books over the next month to analyze this.

The other bit of geek news I have is that my Amazon ranking for the first time ever got into the top 1,000 books this week (peaked at 870 840 785 739 695 685 646 606 so far). That ranking total includes ebook products mixed in, so it’s tough to tell exactly how it’s doing solely among print books. Nonetheless, it’s great news. Checking your Amazon ranking all the time is something no one told me about but should have.

If you haven’t nabbed a copy of GNOMES
yet, grab one on Amazon! It makes a
fantastic holiday gift.

Coverage & Interviews:

My wonderful sister took this picture
of her in a DC Borders, where GNOMES
resides on the Quirky Humor table.

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9 Responses to Gnome Attack Roundup: Back to the Printer for 15K More, Amazon Ranking Hits 800s, and More

  1. J.M. Lacey says:

    That’s super, Chuck! Congratulations!

  2. Annette Lyon says:

    Huge congrats, Chuck! I’m thrilled for you!

  3. Another printing and a great ranking — congrats! Love to hear great news like that.

  4. Jen Zeman says:

    Congratulations Chuck! What a great Christmas gift!

  5. Tom Bentley says:

    Chuck, do gnomes eat tiny turkeys on Thanksgiving? Does the pope—oh never mind. Hey, that’s great news on the print boost. Surely Oprah has room in her heart for a timely gnome-book recommendation.

  6. Haha, the lure of the amazon ranking. Considering how often I check my blog stats now, I *know* I’m going to be glued to the refresh button when my book goes live. But dang, 3 digit ranking, that’s pretty awesome, Chuck!

  7. Abby Minard says:

    Congratulations, that’s wonderful!!

  8. Kristan says:

    Congrats, Chuck!! That’s great news. :D

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