2011 Guide to Literary Agents is Out!

The book is finally out and available in major bookstores!

The new 2011 edition of Guide to Literary Agents has more than 20 brand new literary agencies never before listed in the book. I realize there are other places you can turn to for information on agents, but the Guide to Literary Agents has always prided itself as being the biggest (we list almost every agent) and the most thorough (guidelines, sales, agent by agent breakdowns, etc.). That’s why it’s been around for 20 years and that’s why it’s sold more than 250,000 copies. It works—and if you keep reading, I’ll prove it to you.

Buy it here! When you order it online from our WD shop, you get the same deep discount you find on Amazon. Need more reason to buy? How about some testimonials from these very cool people:

18 Great Reasons to Buy the

2011 Guide to Literary Agents

1. Marisha Chamberlain, The Rose Variations (Soho):

Guide to Literary Agents
oriented me, the lowly first-time novelist, embarking on an agent
search. The articles and the listings gave insight into the world of
literary agents that allowed me to comport myself professionally and to
persist. And I did find a terrific agent.”
Eugenia Kim, The Calligrapher’s Daughter (Holt)

“After so many years working on the novel, the relative speed of
creating the query package prodded the impetus to send it out. As a
fail-safe measure, I bought the Guide to Literary Agents and checked who might be a good fit for my novel…”


3. Eve Brown-Waite, First Comes Love, Then Comes Malaria (Broadway)

“I bought the Guide To Literary Agents … and came across Laney
Katz Becker. So I sent off a very funny query. On March 15, 2007, Laney
called. ‘I love your book,’ she said. ‘I’d like to represent you.’
Three and a half months (and several proposal revisions) later, Laney
sold my book—at auction—in a six-figure deal.”

4. Mara Purnhagen, Tagged (Harlequin Teen)

“I trusted the Guide to Literary Agents to provide solid, up-to-date information to help me with the process. I now have a wonderful agent and a four-book deal.”


5. Richard Harvell, The Bells (Crown)

Guide to Literary Agents contains a wealth of information and good advice, and was crucial in my successful search for an agent. I found a great agent and my book has now sold in 11 territories and counting.”

6. Patrick Lee, The Breach (Harper)

“The Guide to Literary Agents has all the info you need for narrowing down a list of agencies to query.”


7. Karen Dionne, Freezing Point and Boiling Point (Jove)

“I’m smiling as I type this, because I actually
got my agent via the Guide to Literary Agents. I certainly never dreamed
that I’d tell my [success] story in the same publication!”

8. Heather Newton, Under the Mercy Trees (Harper Paperbacks)

“I’d definitely be interested in guest posting
especially since I
found my literary agent through the Guide to Literary Agents!”


9. Michael Wiley, The Last Striptease and The Bad Kitty Lounge (Minotaur)

“The Guide to Literary Agents was very useful to me when I was getting started. I always recommend GLA to writers.”

10. Les Edgerton, Hooked and 9 more books

“Just signed with literary agent Chip MacGregor and I came upon him through the Guide to Literary Agents. If not for GLA, I’d probably still be looking.”


Jennifer Cervantes, Tortilla Sun (Chronicle)

“Within 10 days of initial submission, I found an energetic and amazing agent—and it’s all thanks to GLA.”

12. Carson Morton, Stealing Mona Lisa (Aug. 2011; St. Martin’s / Minotaur)

“I wanted to thank you for the Guide to Literary Agents. After contacting 16 literary agencies, number 17 requested the full manuscript of my historical novel. Within a few weeks, they offered to represent me. Hard work, perseverance, and good, solid, accurate information makes all the difference. Thanks again.”


13. Darien Gee, author of Friendship Bread: A Novel (April 2011; Ballantine Books)

“The Guide to Literary Agents was an indispensable tool for me when I was querying agents. I highly recommend it for any aspiring author—in addition to a comprehensive listing of literary agents, it contains valuable information about the query and submission process.”

14. Stephanie Barden, author of Cinderella Smith (April 2011; HarperCollins)

“When I felt my middle grade chapter book was finally ready for eyes other than mine to see it, I got some terrific advice: Go buy the Guide to Literary Agents. By the time I was through with it, it looked like it had gone to battle – it was battered and dog eared and highlighted and Post-It Noted. But it was victorious; I had an agent. Huge thanks, GLA – I couldn’t have done it without you!”


15. Lexi George, author of Demon Hunting in Dixie (April 2011; Brava)

“I positively haunted GLA on the road to publication. The Guide to Literary Agents is an invaluable resource for writers, whether you’re published or unpublished.”

16. Bill Peschel, author of Writers Gone Wild: The Feuds, Frolics, and Follies of Literature’s Great Adventurers, Drunkards, Lovers, Iconoclasts, and Misanthropes (Perigee)

“The Guide to Literary Agents gave me everything I needed to sell Writers Gone Wild. It was the personal assistant who found me the right agents to pitch, the publicist who suggested conferences to attend, and the trusted adviser who helped me negotiate the path to publication.”


17. Laura Griffin, author of Unforgivable and eight other romantic suspense novels.

“Writing the book is only the first step. Then it’s time to find a
home for it. The
Guide to Literary Agents is filled with practical
advice about how to contact literary agents who can help you market
your work.”

18. Derek Taylor Kent (a.k.a. Derek the Ghost), author of Scary School

“The Guide to Literary Agents was absolutely instrumental to my getting an agent and subsequent three-book deal with HarperCollins.”


Buy the 2011 Guide to Literary Agents here!

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96 thoughts on “2011 Guide to Literary Agents is Out!

  1. Joan Sween

    Whoa! If I had to sacrifice and give up all my writing resources except one, the last one standing would be Chuck’s blog. I subscribe to "Writer’s Digest Magazine" and that’s pretty awesome, too, but the blog is the best. First of all, it’s something every single day. Second, it’s a variety. Third (and this is a biggie) it’s tied to the market–right now, today. I carefully read even the posts that seemingly do not directly relate to my creative efforts, because always, always, there’s a nugget, three little words, a glimmer of philosophy, a glancing thought, that goes "pow!" right smack into what I am working at (becoming a better writer), and I say to myself, "Holy Cabooses, I learn something new every day." Joan Sween

  2. PK Hrezo

    I devour GLA posts and emails each time they come out. Everything in my house stops for me to read. I’ve queried many agents on the advice of your "golden opportunities." And although I haven’t had any luck yet, I know from your "How I got My Agent" pieces that there’s always hope.

    I’ve had a link to your blog on my blogroll for awhile now. I love supporting my fellow writers!


  3. Rachelyne

    I am very new to this. I think I am getting lucky because I found this place by the search engine today. I found out Writer’s Digest is the No. 1 resource for writing better and getting published. They have already inspired me. I have not written in quite sometime and today I was writing and writing. Thank you WD. If I win "Guide to Literary Agents", I know for sure my father is sending me a message to stop procrastinating and finish what he had started and Publish his memoir of Jewish life in Iran, that he called Digest diary of father and daughter.

  4. Amber Hunter

    Sorry if this is a duplicate post! My initial comment is not showing here for some reason.

    I most enjoy reading the WD blogs. One of my favorite segments was presented a couple of weeks ago on query letters. It really provided some insight as to what grabs the editor’s (or agent’s) attention when reviewing a query letter. Hope to put this advice to practice sometime soon!

    The Guide to Literary Agents can be found on my blogroll at http://www.webliterate.com

  5. Jessica (Jess) Ferguson

    What’s NOT to love about WD? I’ve been a subscriber off and on for 100 years. And before that, as a teen, I’d go to the city library to read it. I’m still quoting wisdom from Judson Jerome’s column. 🙂 When I say I’ve subscribed off and on–that means, I’d get mad when I saw the new issue on the stands but NOT in my mailbox so i wouldn’t renew, deciding to buy it when it hit the stands. Invariably, I’d miss an issue so then I’d subscribe again. Many times I end up with two copies of the same issue but that’s ok. At least I’m staying abreast of the latest, huh?

    I would absolutely LOVE to win a copy of GLA.

  6. Stephanie Cain

    I’d love to win this! I have the 2010 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market, but I’m really just about ready to shop my novel around and I’d rather start with an agent than an editor.

    1. I LOVE this blog. Reading this helps keep my motivation up and gives me such great tips on where to look and who to look at for representation!

    2. My blog with link is here: http://stephaniecain.wordpress.com/ though sadly the blog is often neglected.

  7. Heba Helmy

    I love everything WD! Everything about the magazine rocks – from the story promts, to the latest news in the publishing world, to the inspirational ‘keep writing’ tips and tricks. With all the info out there, WD is the best, first and last source writers need. And as I look to putting out a novel (and seek out the perfect agent to represent it), this guide and blog will be my go to source. Thanks so much for all that you do!!!


  8. Brandi Ballard

    I received a gift subscription to WD magazine for my birthday last year. I can’t say one specific thing I like about the magazine. In each issue there are always numerous helpful articles. I guess if I had to pick one, it would be the author interviews. Particularly, finding out how they work.

    My blog is http://writerlyhabit.wordpress.com/. You’re on my blogroll. 🙂

  9. Lisahgolden

    I finally came out of lurk mode because I want this book! I know, how craven! While I’m here, I should thank you for all the wonderful information you share. I read every post and have many bookmarked for future reference. Thank you.

  10. Sharon Kirk Clifton

    When I first began my blog and learned that I could provide a list of other favorites blogs and sites, I included a link to this page. I subscribe to WRITER’S DIGEST, of course, buy many of the book club selections–which I refer to constantly–and daily read this blog. I find the interviews with new agents especially useful.

    I’m on a journey to find an agent, so winning this book would be very helpful.

  11. Constance Lombardo

    I love this blog! Thanks for all the helpful information. Of course, I’d love to win the new book!

    I subscribe to WD magazine and generally read it cover to cover. I get so much out of it; I like the interviews with writers, editors and agents. But I think my favorite part is the debut authors— that gives hope to those of us who are almost there:)

  12. Christi

    Agents are the most important relationship you can forge as a creative artist. You can divorce an undesirable spouse but an agent is there as long as your creative work lives. I believe the copywrite is 50 years after you die. Yikes, talk about commitment.

    I would appreciate winning the guide because I’m desperate to find the perfect match.

    Thank you.

  13. June Goodwin

    Oh my goodness. What’s not to love about WD. My first writer’s conference ever was the WD one last year in NY. I check this blog daily and you can see that by going to my site and checking my blogroll at http://writingisablessing.blogspot.com

    I bought my two Donald Maass books from you guys as well as Hooked and a number of others I can’t even recall at the moment. I have at least three of your other "Market Guide" books. It just goes on. The one I don’t have is the one specifically about agents. Would love to get it though. I’m hopeful! Thanks.

    june (at) writingisablessing (dot) com

  14. Megan Lentz

    I love the useful information on the GLA blog. Regardless of genre or how far along a person is in their writing career, there’s something for everyone. A must read for anyone serious about writing!

  15. Monnrella

    I love the magazine! It’s so absorbing and each issues packs tons of information. I tear out the articles that pertain to me and file them away for later reference. Writer’s Digest understands me. Love it!!!


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