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My new book, RED DOG / BLUE DOG, comes out today! (Comment to enter the giveaway contest)

Oh my gosh the big day is finally here! My new humor book, RED DOG / BLUE DOG: WHEN POOCHES GET POLITICAL, comes out today, July 31. So exciting! There’s some basic info about the book below, but I’ll just skip to the giveaway info:


— In celebration of release day, I will be picking three (3) commenters on this post to win a free copy of ANY of my books that they choose. Winners can pick from the following: 2012 Guide to Literary Agents, 2012 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market, Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript, Create Your Writer Platform, Red Dog / Blue Dog, and How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack. (If you tweet or share news of my book release and this contest through social media such as Facebook, you get 2 entries into the contest instead of one. Thank you for spreading the word!) Good luck! Comment within 2 weeks to enter. (UPDATE: Renee Carter Hall, PoesChild, and sddblake won.)




RED DOG / BLUE DOG is a photo collection of dogs doing stereotypically liberal and conservative things. It rips on both sides equally and is designed to be pure levity in an election season. It makes a good gift book for dog lovers and politics gurus. I dedicated the book to my flabby dog, Graham, who, though he contributes nothing to the household, is a big snuggly ball of love — and I am grateful for him. As my dog is a rescue himself, I am excited to donate a portion of the proceeds to rescue organizations and no-kill shelters.

You can find RED DOG / BLUE DOG on Amazon here. Find the book’s accompanying website here. And I want to give one big shout-out to ALL of those who submitted photos for the book’s consideration. This book came about with the help of many, and was a labor of love (and fun!).














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137 thoughts on “My new book, RED DOG / BLUE DOG, comes out today! (Comment to enter the giveaway contest)

  1. merrigoldj

    We all need relief from the election frenzy. Too bad politics couldn’t be housed under fantasy or horror stories and shelved if not wanted. I also need relief from editing my book–your contest is better than another cup of coffee!


    Looking forward to reading your material. Look forward to reading anything that can forward my writing and help make things smoother even though we all know they are never smooth.

  3. Write Like The Dickens!

    I give this book four paws up, five tail wags, six butt sniffs and a perfect 10 doggie biscuits! Congratulations to you and your four-legged friends!

    1. weberdiane

      Actually, my son will too. He just published his first novel, also a political one, called The Bull. .(www.pintbottlepress.com) I’ll have to get a copy for him, too.

  4. newwriterslife

    Set the dogs on the Political pundants ;). Chuck Sambuchino has shed new lite on “Who let the Dogs Out!”
    Best of luck with the book. I’m “itching” to get my paws on a copy!!

  5. Timber

    I have two Blue Dogs and they would love for me to read this to them so they can make fun of the Red Dogs. (Although they both agree that the Red Dog who likes to read The Patriot Act is hot.)

  6. SJStephens

    Um.. Hilarious! I love the Dog with Glasses… about Taxes… Too funny! I’m definitely getting this for my friend who loves dogs & Politics!

  7. Tortoise

    Your book looks like a winner to me. In case you’re planning a sequel, my poodle Pepper was just bathed and groomed and says he’s ready for his closeup.

  8. jmarieteach

    Election time is filled with so many negative times that it is a breath of fresh air to have some humor added in. I am a pushover for dogs so that makes it even better. Thanks for the oportunity to preview and perhaps win a copy of what is sure to be a best seller.

  9. nanapat1

    I can hardly wait to read the entire book! Perfect timing for your book, and it gives us all some much needed laughs during the relentless negative political messages! I shared both on twitter and Facebook!

  10. mich.mcentire

    I didn’t have any dog pictures to contribute to the book, but my cousin did–she dresses up her dogs for all sorts of occasions. We were so pleased that one of her pics was selected for this project!

    Write on,

  11. Thomas L. Townsend II

    Mr. Sambuchino:

    Great job on the new book. I loved your samples that you shared with us and am considering buying a copy. I love pet related works, especially involving humor and will be leaving information about your work on Facebook. I do not do twitter very often, but with your permission, I may mention it on some of the other social networks I use. Please let me know. I just published my second novel last week and as one writer to another, I wish you all the best.


    Thomas L. Townsend II
    Author: United Earth: the Revelation (currently being translated to script)
    The Harvest (Just released)

  12. maryam123

    Wow this is hilarious! I’m not a political guru – in fact, I’ve never really understood politics, which makes this even better. I think it’s a fun way to learn it. And I just love it when political parties are made fun of! :D :D :D

  13. writingwildly

    Well I might trust the doggies more than the politicians! Gotta Laugh Out Loud! Thank you for all the great info and free download. I will post your info on my face book! I appreciate the opportunity.
    And congratulations and the very best of luck on your new book!
    Linda Garcia aka writingwildly

  14. EvanLewis

    OK, as the owner of three dogs and two fosters, and the author of “Skyler Hobbs and the Garden Gnome Bandit” (EQMM Sept/Oct), this sounds like a great batch of books.

  15. dlock

    I love dogs and political humor – the perfect combination, and sales go to a good cause. I would appreciate a copy of any of the books and Red Dog, Blue Dog.
    I have written a middle grade children’s historical fiction short story, Riddle of the Great Seal – 3000+ words, and a second one in the works. It fits your post about a new literary agent, Emily Grief who is interested in fairy tales, and fantasy for middle grade books. It doesn’t indicate the minumum words required, but I can go to the library and check in Children’s Markets….

  16. Scanner

    Being a dog lover, I had to comment. While my dog Sexy Sadie is apolitical, I do lean to the left myself. But, please, keep this under your hat, I would hate for it to get back to Sadie~

  17. romancegirl

    Love the cover face-off. Too bad our current candidates don’t look as good as those “dogs”. I have a character referred to as a “lapdog” in the manuscript I am currently working on. How apropos, wouldn’t you say?
    Congrats on publishing yet another masterpiece.

  18. Colossians323

    Congrats on the release of a new book, “Red Dog Blue Dog”. Talking about politics through pictures of dogs is a cute idea. I have never seen politics presented in this manner. Congrats, I say again, congrats.

  19. katyrw@hotmail.com

    Love dogs but am getting disgusted with politics. The book looks adorable. Shame we can’t elect dogs instead of people. They never lie and are faithful to their human through thick and thin.
    Best of luck with the book. You can’t go wriong with that many cute dog pictures.

  20. Doropatent

    Congrats, Chuck–I love your sample photos! I’d like to see one with Red Dog and Blue Dog confronting one another–but with politics the way they are today, they’d need to be wearing muzzles!

  21. janstone

    Brilliant book. I’m all about politics during presidential years, and I’ve even written a blog entry on barackobama.com. Too bad it’s almost impossible to find the IL blog, but that’s pretty much the story of my life. Nonetheless, I’ll Tweet away fromJansWrite, my Twitter name, and pray that the Aug. 14 date will bring me luck as it’s my birthday and 30th wedding anniversary. Last year at this time I said I’d give myself a year to write for myself (non-fiction essays). It fast approaches and I’ve received 8 rejections so I guess I haven’t completely failed in my objective, but not feeling too successful either… Lastly, having never won anything before in my life, who knows? This could be it! Thanks for giving me the chance, and best of luck w/your book. It seriously is a truly creative way to get people thinking about the political process — hence its brilliance. And I will purchase it whether or not I win.

  22. stalloek

    Your book looks hilarious! I’m a huge dog lover and a sucker for any kind of comedy – this is the perfect combination!

    Earlier this year, I went to B&N to buy your Guide to Literary Agents book. I found one last copy on the shelf, but was dismayed to see someone had scribbled in it. My disgust quickly turned to excitement, however, when I flipped back to the front cover and saw the “Autographed Copy” sticker on the front! Lucky me! But I guess it’s not all that surprising, since I’d heard from the person that pointed me to your website that you were a fellow native of the best city in the world :)

    I can’t wait to add another of your books to my collection!

  23. Heinboo

    The Blue Dog has occasionally got himself into hot water for sniffing female canines other than his own while the Red Dog seems more interested in settling serious matters with a dog fighting match up between pitbulls. Sounds like fun stuff!

  24. WinkSplat

    Seems like a great book! Filled with cute and hilarious text made for all ages!
    Can’t wait to read the entire book!
    Help, Tweet and Share to spread the word!

  25. Cookiejarnett

    TWEET TWEET TWEET- OOPS I Stumbledupon something great.

    Chase your dreams- even when the mountains pop up. Trudge over them. The rewards will be sooooo worth it!

  26. lsteed

    What a fun book! I love that it pokes fun at both sides, and uses adorable dog pics to do so! I’m also tweeting @loriesteed. Thanks for the contest!

  27. JShifman

    I am a young writer who is still cutting his teeth in the business, so some of these books would be very helpful! Maybe not the dog book, but the rests! (Ok, I just want the dog book)

    J. Shifman

  28. mpyefinch

    Well in my house we are split red/blue. My side of the family bleeds blue while the other side…. Anyway, if dogs could vote I think they would vote for the party offers free veterinarian care, snacks on voting day, and the ability to stay at any hotel they choose. I love the concept of the book, so I have many people who I know will love the book. I am definitely going to tweet and FaceBook it.

  29. Linda.H

    Hot-diggety, Chuck. This new book looks great. Real cute. And you’ve proved it true that “every dog has its day”. I bet you are celebrating with your friends, family, and collie-gs.

    I probably don’t have a dogs chance of winning any of your books, but doggone it, I’m gonna’ try. Therefore, I’ve shared this on my FB page. I understand that gives me a bone-us entry. Two instead of one. That gives me a good feeling. It is quite paws-sible that I might win and I’m not just chasing my tail. Woohoo!

    But seriously, the book does look great. I love all animals, but dogs are so expressive and just darn cute. Good luck with it.

  30. Leigh Muller

    When it comes to gentle humor, we’re all red, white, and blue dogs. Cheers to equal opportunity silliness. I promoted your book a couple of times on Facebook because you’re a good guy who deserves to do well, we could all use a little levity in our politics, and I’d really like a free book! Good luck. Hope it rockets.

  31. AmyShouse

    What a hilarious idea! It looks amazing. I can’t believe that little fluff ball in the attractive two piece read the ENTIRE Patriot Act! Congratulations Chuck.

  32. Su@dreamweavernovels

    So excited! Can’t wait to see! Congrats, Chuck and thanks for the opportunity. I tweeted, FaceBooked, and Google +ed the link to your new book. Best of luck to the sales and thank you for your contributions to no-kill animal shelters. Su

  33. bsharp505

    Great day to kick off publishing your book – it’s the dog days of summer – and near the tail end of a political season that is not in heat, and looks more like two dead dogs fighting.

  34. lzeibak

    Love the idea for the book, Chuck! I can see this becoming a huge hit!
    It might be a stretch but maybe this could be turned into a movie too? Talking liberal dogs versus conservative dogs? Ann Coulter’s dog against Rachel Maddow’s? There may be a script in there somewhere…