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My Daughter, Geneva Rose, Is Here! Meet My Baby Who Arrived on Halloween

Categories: Chuck Sambuchino's Guide to Literary Agents Blog.

You may have noticed a major slowdown in blog content lately. It is not without good reason. The incredible news is that my first child — baby Geneva Rose — was born on Oct. 31, 2012. She is adorable and healthy and will grow up to play a mean bass guitar. (The last part was speculation.) Below find some images of her. Thank you for bearing with me as I get back to work and get great content up on here for you. Oh my goodness, I am a father … holy cow.


Geneva Rose with her proud father. Geneva appears to love to eat, sleep and poop. People have been asking where we got the name Geneva. It’s not a family name. It’s just a name we found and liked. We’re calling her Geneva or “Eve” for short.


Geneva with her mother an hour after being born. So cute!


SO ADORABLE. She loves that monkey.


Geneva in her first few days — rocking her cool hat.


Naturally we had to get her a Halloween outfit because she was a Halloween baby.


Best baby outfit of all time. It is a typewriter and text that says “So my story begins…”







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7 Responses to My Daughter, Geneva Rose, Is Here! Meet My Baby Who Arrived on Halloween

  1. leeannniazi says:

    Congratulations Chuck! Your daughter is very beautiful and your wife looks amazingly energetic. You are about to embark on a wonderful journey so turn to a clean page, uncap your pen and record every little detail. I have two young daughters ages 5 and 8 who are the loves of my life. Happy Fatherhood!

  2. lisaahn says:

    Congratulations! Enjoy these sweet days.:)

  3. Casey says:

    Congratulations! So adorable! You mentioned that you intend to “get back to work and get great content up here for you.” But in my opinion, this particular blog is the greatest content – a father in love with his baby is the most wonderful thing! Like Natalie said, they grow up fast! Enjoy your gorgeous family!

  4. Sandy Green says:

    Congratulations! Enjoy the new “chapter” in your life!

  5. Chuck Sambuchino says:


  6. Natalie Aguirre says:

    Congrats Chuck. Geneva is so cute. Enjoy her. She’ll grow up so fast. I can’t believe my daughter is 15.

  7. KarenLange says:

    She’s adorable! Congratulations to you and your wife!

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