My Cursed Adventure to See Van Halen in Concert…

One of my favorite bands of all time is Van Halen. I love all their music, and probably know more about the history of the band than anybody would care to discuss with me.

That’s why it absolutely BLOWS that my quest to see them in concert has been such a gall-darn tragedy. This sad story has three acts…

Credit: VHND

SPRING 2008: OH MY GOD — Van Halen reunites for a tour with David Lee Roth — can you believe it? That’s so awesome! I get my ticket for the local show in Cincinnati. Huzzah!

Then — WHOOPS. The show is postponed. When’s the new date? April 22. I go home and inform my wife that the Van Halen rescheduled date — the concert I want to see more than any other in the world, perhaps — now falls, through no fault of my own, on our wedding anniversary. My wife blankly nods and tells me that I can do whatever I want to do, then gestures to a loaded gun on the table…

Under penalty of death (slight exaggeration, but only slight), I refund the tickets. Damn.

SPRING 2012: OH MY GOD. Van Halen is back on tour. This is so cool! Did you hear the new album? It’s ridiculously good. I’m pumped.

Tour dates are announced. No Cincinnati. Shucks. But there is a show in Pittsburgh. Fine by me. I book the tickets immediately without thinking. I even buy a ticket for my best friend to come with me.

Then — WHOOPS. I tell my wife about the concert. That’s when she looks up from her laptop and asks, “Aren’t we in Mexico that day?”

I sell the tickets on Stubhub and eat half the cost. Damn.

SUMMER 2012: OH MY GOD. Van Halen added new shows and Cincinnati is one of them. This is perfect. This is the one. Third time is the charm. I’m in town and there is no anniversary in sight for the Aug. 12, 2012 show.

Then — WHOOPS. Ticketmaster says the show has been postponed. No reason is given. A day later, Van Halen basically cites exhaustion. What a load. Here are some links to the news stories — MTV, The NY Times, and CNN.

I have no idea why my quest to see Van Halen in concert is so cursed. Sigh.

To prove my Van Halen nerdiness to you, you can check out me playing numerous Van Halen songs on keyboard (“I’ll Wait,” “Jump,” “Eruption,” and more) on my Youtube page here.





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2 thoughts on “My Cursed Adventure to See Van Halen in Concert…

  1. Tammy Denton

    Sorry to hear about your Van Halen woes. I hate to gloat, (Okay, that’s a lie. I am gloating because you have achieved something I want (published book)and now, I’ve achieved something you want (major VH concert follower). Gloat, Gloat, Gloat) I’ve seen (live) every incarnation of Van Halen starting in 1978. Original, with DLR or SH, reunions, regrouping, outdoors, indoors, small venues, and large. I guess it’s in my blood. As a teenager, I looked a great deal like Valerie Bertinelli and my brother resembled EVH so much that we drew a lot of stares. That, combined with the fabulous music, made me quite the VH groupie, but in a good way. I hope you get to see them. They do a great show.

  2. shadesdown2001

    Some awesome playing there Chuck! I am an 80’s kid 100%. I am also a HUGE Van Halen fan. Apparently not as big as you are.. lol.. But they have set a huge mark in my memory of the 80’s. Sorry about your luck with concerts dude. I think what you should do the next time – buy the tickets, cancel ALL plans surrounding the weekend of the concert, make sure the car has a tune-up just days before and for God sakes dude, secretly unload that damn gun and hide the bullets. lol… Can’t a man have the concert of his dreams come true? lol… Next time – I go with?


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