League of Vermont Writers: My Adventures in Vermont…

Just got back from Vermont and the League of Vermont Writers‘ spring session, where I spoke on all things agents.  Good little group up there, and everyone was quite nice.

I got to see plenty of the state (it’s not exactly that big … ) as we traveled from Burlingtonthe super green-liberal upper northwest section where the University of Vermont isto Rutland in the middle of the state.  Just like you would expect, the state is chock full of these small cities, towns and “junctions” that each have their own small white churches with steeples.  Check out the pictures below to get some more Green Mountain State flavor (and I’m not just talking maple syrup).


Me taking “practice pitches” from
writers. They were practicing in
preparation for agents coming in July.


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An actual covered bridge!
(Not a doctored photograph.)


I think this was a church.  We passed
it so quick that I wasn’t sure.  But
check it out!  How cool!  Awesome
stuff like this was all over the state.


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