My Adventures in Tallahassee…

I just got back from the Tallahassee Writers Conference in Florida. The weather was nice, the town was abuzz with Florida State’s performance in the tournament, and the conference seemed to be a good success. There aren’t a whole lot of writers conferences in the gulf/panhandle area, so the TWA event is a fun event if you’re seeking a conference with sessions and agents to pitch.

Fun event: On the flight down to Tallahassee, I had to connect in Charlotte. No big deal. So I’m sitting in the Charlotte airport in my layover when who should sit a few rows away from me. I’m staring at this guy, thinking “…Is that John Waters the director?” Then he kinda half-turns toward me and I see the pencil-thin mustache. Yep. It was him. I didn’t catch all of his movies growing up, but I did see Pink Flamingos as well as his more modern stuff like Pecker, Cecil B. Demented and Serial Mom. So I sat down next to him quietly and explained that I was a fan. I asked him to sign a GNOMES book to a friend back in my hometown of Erie. He did and was kind about it. I left him alone and just geeked out.

That’s me on the lower left, eating,
of course. Always eating.

Writer’s Digest Books author James
Scott Bell teaches a session. He is the
author of Plot & Structure.

Conference attendees gather for the
start of the event.



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