My Adventures in Myrtle Beach … and Dallas

I have been presenting at a lot of writers conferences a lot in the past few weeks, and have recently presented at writers conferences in both South Carolina and Texas. Both were a lot of fun. I am a huge advocate of writers conferences, and I still believe they are a great opportunity to meet publishing pros, make writer friends for life, and get educated about the craft and business of writing. They are also excellent opportunities on learning how to find a literary agent, and how to build your author platform.


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This event, held on a Hilton along the beach, is a pure joy to be included in. The faculty is large, and about a dozen agents are in attendance talking to writers. I attended in 2009 and ran into a few people I met two years ago. If you have an opportunity to attend the SCWW in the future, I highly recommend it.


This is a picture of literary agent Jessica Regel
and I at a dinner during the SC conference.



This one-day event, held in Hurst TX (between Fort Worth and Dallas), was put on by the Trinity Writers Workshop and organizer Sharon Owen. The midsized group was very nice and very supportive of each other—just a great community of writers rooting for one another. It was wonderful to see. If you live in the area and are looking to meet writers and work on your manuscript, find the group online here.


Me at the TWW event.


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2 thoughts on “My Adventures in Myrtle Beach … and Dallas

  1. sharonkowen

    Thanks for joining us at the seminar and sharing your experience and knowledge of the publishing industry. It was great seeing you again.

    Thanks also for mentioning our group



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