My Adventures at a Maine Writers Conference (2007)

Ah, Maine in the summertime …

I had a great opportunity this past week—to attend the Writers’ Conference at Ocean Park in Ocean, Park, ME (25 minutes south of Portland) and present several sessions. Though the event calls itself a “conference,” it’s truly a retreat. The attendance is smaller than most, and the whole shebang lasts five days, with homework assignments each night for writers, poetry writings on the beach, and inside jokes galore from individuals who have attended this gathering many years in a row. (On the first day, I was sitting next to a woman who had been there 16 straight years. Two other nearby attendees were from Chicago and Ventura, CA. No joke. They’re hardcore.)

The gathering gave me a chance to sit down with plenty of writers and talk critique and craft—something I don’t always do at conferences. The people were extremely nice and the Maine shore was … well, see for yourself.


The coastline at 9 a.m. Ah, Maine. The state with
warm days, cool nights, fireworks aplenty, and
the locals who just want the &^%$ tourists
to drop some cash and get lost.

It was incredible to be with a group of people and talk writing, not so much business. Many of the attendees just loved to write (read: lots of poets) and everyone got several chances to read their work aloud. The retreat focused on the love of writing and reading, and that was enough to recharge even my batteries.


Me presenting a workshop. Note my cool
query letter drawing on the right.


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