My Adventures in Los Angeles: Part I

Been long enough since I blogged? (Don’t answer that.) I knowI’ve let you down this past week, but I was knee deep in duties concerning our writers conference out in LA in conjunction with the BookExpo America trade show.

The cheapest ticket to LA involved me getting up at 3:50 a.m. and flying out of the airport at 6 a.m. I even splurged and bought one of those horseshoe travel pillows. Flying that early did give me the opportunity to see the sunrise over the clouds and capture this snapshot:


Who says flying out at 6 a.m.
doesn’t have its privileges?

Anyway, I made it to LA safely, though I’ve been battling a nasty cold, and the downtown hotel we got a good deal on is kind of a dump
BUTthe good news is: The conference went very well. Nay, it went awesome. Attendance was good and the LA Convention Center was very nice. It was more hectic than last year, and I can recall three times during the day when I was in a flat sprint trying to do something.  Here are some more photos from the day:


This was a panel of script managers who
shared secrets on breaking into Hollywood.
From left: Ken Sherman of Ken Sherman Associates,
Garrett Hicks of Will Entertainment, Margery
Walshaw of Evatopia, and Marc Manus of Manus Entertainment.


Lunchtime speaker Blake Snyder kept the
crowd laughing as he spoke on “What Hollywood
Has Taught Me About Storytelling.”


I included this photo of Blake at lunchtime
so you can see how big the conference is. I’d say
the amount of attendees you see is about
60% of all that were in the room.


The Pitch Slam, which featured agents, script managers
and editors, went very well. Here you can see
four different agents sitting down to talk with
writers and listen to ideas.


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5 thoughts on “My Adventures in Los Angeles: Part I

  1. no one in particular

    I was there- It was my first conference. It was amazing! I got so much information from Donald Maass’ session. I was so happy that I got the chance to meet Janet Reid (who told me about your blog). The "Ask the Literary Agents" panel was very helpful, and answered a lot of questions- with your great moderating skills of course.


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