My Adventures in … Lexington, KY (2012)

I just returned from the (brand new) Books-in-Progress Writers Conference at the Carnegie Literacy Center in Lexington, KY. This was the third time I have been fortunate enough to present at the center (it’s not far from my home in Cincinnati), and it was a great experience. The Carnegie Center seems to be an incredible resource of writers and artists in the area. When you walk in the doors, the first two things you notice is 1) the beauty and ambiance of the building, and 2) that they encourage you to take a free book every time you stop by!


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Me instructing the Lexington crowd on how to get published. Photo credit to the Carnegie Literacy Center.


I gave three speeches—one on pitching, one on platform, and one on how to get published. The platform speech was relatively new (adopted from my book, Create Your Writer Platform) and seemed to go well.

Following the three speeches and some tasty lunch at a sandwich place down the block, I sat down with agents Sorche Fairbank (my OWN agent, as a matter of fact) and Janet Reid of New Leaf Literary (formerly of FinePrint Literary) to do some “Conference Idol” where we had a manuscript’s first page read to us and we gave thoughts.

(Learn about pitching your novel to an agent at a writers conference.)

All in all, it was a great experience, and I cannot say enough good things about the Carnegie Center. This is definitely a great place for Kentucky to have.


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One thought on “My Adventures in … Lexington, KY (2012)

  1. MadForWriting

    Chuck, your sessions on Platform and What Editors Want were both really helpful, and as always, your professionalism, sense of humor, and direct nature were greatly appreciated. Hope to see you at another conference.


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