My Adventures in Las Vegas: Part 2 (Criss Angel & Perez Hilton)

Have you ever been somewhere boring and said, “God, can’t some celebrities get in a shouting match in front of me so I have a story to tell?” Well, that kinda happened to me one night in Vegas after teaching at the writers conference. Let me explain. Zac, Mollie Glick and I all decided that we would see a Cirque du Soleil show together on Friday. But which one? Zac had already seen O. There were four others that looked solid … and then there was the Criss Angel show. Criss Angel is a magician/illusionist who has come to popularity during the last few years by dressing like a rock star and doing cool magic, both small and big and scope. His tricks are widely seen on the show “Mindfreak.” Criss has gotten so big now that he even recently got his own Cirque show in Vegas, crazy as that sounds. His “Believe” show is one of six Cirque options at the big hotels on the strip.

Now … Zac, Mollie and I were fully aware that this “Believe” show was poorly received and supposedly just downright awful.  We didn’t care. We wanted to be pleasantly surprised (if the show was re-hauled and had gotten better) or just wanted to witness the train wreck. Well, we got the latter.  The show was bad bad bad.


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Criss Angel.


So we’re sitting there in our mediocre seats, wishing we had our money back—and the whole show ends. Everyone comes out to take their bows and Criss Angel does so last.  Then something peculiar happens. Criss calls out a “special guest” in the crowd: Perez Hilton. If you don’t know who HE is, all you need to know is that he blogs about celebrities and gossip (think US Weekly online) and has slowly become one of the biggest bloggers in the entire country. In fact, Perez was in Vegas to judge the Miss USA show (and even had a serious affect on the outcome, if you’re interested in that story).



Back to the show: Here’s what happened … Apparently, Perez was Twittering during the show in real time to his many fans, ripping the hell out of the show
and calling it “awful.” Supposedly, while backstage, Criss was informed that Perez was in the audience, tweeting to hundreds of thousands of people that the show sucked. Well, Criss wasn’t just gonna let this one go.

When the show ended, Criss called out Perez, demanding that he stand up and be acknowledged by the audience. Perez obviously wanted no attention, so he finally stood up following Criss’s repeated requests. Then Criss calls him “the world’s biggest douchebag.” Perez quipped back—thanking Criss for free tickets.

At the time, I had no idea why this very awkward exchange was happening, but now it all makes sense. It’s even turned into a little Internet firestorm
this “Angel vs. Perez fiasco thing.” Personally, I think Perez came out on top big time. 

ANYWAY, this at least was a little entertainment in an otherwise terrible show.  Fun story.

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