My Adventures in Las Vegas: Part 1 …

Vegas, baby … I’m back.  Here’s how it went down.
We saw the Bellagio fountains.

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The Las Vegas Writers’ Conference started in full on Friday and I presented on agents, and then again on pitching. The sessions went well. Along with my coworker, Zac Petit, there were a few authors there and a good amount of literary agents taking pitches from every direction. The agents were very available and willing to listen to anybody who approached them. Mollie Glick was there, as were other agents Lori Perkins, Ken Sherman, Katharine Sands, Ellen Pepus and more.

As far as some general thoughts on the conference: From my point of view, the pitching sessions were a tad disorganizedBUT, from a writer’s point of view, that actually looked advantageous, because writers could pitch anytime anywhere that they liked. Agents, being the nice people they are, did their best to accommodate anyone who wanted to share an idea. So that went well. If you’re interested in attending next year, pay attention to the Henderson Writers Group web page.

I remember that my sessions were being recorded, so there is that option, if you wanted to hear it but couldn’t travel easily.

From left: Thomas Dunne editor Toni
Plummer, agent/manager Ken Sherman,
WD staffer Zac Petit, and agent
Mollie Glick.


Got to Vegas on Thursday with Zac.  We immediately high-tailed it to “old Vegas,” which are the classic casinos where you still have a real mix of people, free drinks, and cheaper gaming. Lost some money there, but did enjoy the covered streets and the music s
hows that happen above you.  Queen’s “We Will Rock You” was intense.

On Friday night, I saw the Criss Angel Cirque du Soleil show. I have much to say on that night, so it warrants a second post.  (More coming …)

Saturday night was the designated night to hit “new Vegas.” That’s right—the strip. The glamorous casinos. Being fashion-challenged, I did my best to put on some decent clothes and some of us hit the town, only for everyone but me to decide at 9 p.m. that they had seen enough and wanted to go back to the hotel.

Buzzkill. But still fun.


Old Vegas!

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One thought on “My Adventures in Las Vegas: Part 1 …

  1. Zac

    Excellent sessions.

    I might add that Queen’s "We Will Rock You" is so intense that it terrifies. And leads you back into the casinos to take a closer look at those .99 cent margaritas you’ve been hearing so much about.


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