My Adventures in … Las Vegas 2010

I just got back from teaching at the 2010 Vegas Valley Book Festival in Las Vegas. The festival was very nice, and it combined events/signings aimed at adults with a ton of fun stuff for kids. I believe the festival is happening again in 2011, so if you live the Vegas area, make sure to check it out. A special thanks should be given to Jo Wilkins, Audrey, and the entire Henderson Writers Guild, a Vegas-based writers group that puts on the Las Vegas Writers Conference. The group chauffeured me around and attended my session on “How to Land an Agent.” Thanks, ladies.


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I got no pictures of myself teaching (or playing
piano for attendees)—shucks. But here is a quick
glance at the Children’s Book Festival portion
of the event.


Above: Me finding my book at Urban Outfitters
on the Vegas Strip. Very cool! They had about
30 of the book. That’s the most copies I’ve
seen at any one location anywhere. I happily
told the cashier this was my book. To say she was
most unimpressed is an understatement.



Above: Two photos I snapped
of Vegas at night.



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One thought on “My Adventures in … Las Vegas 2010

  1. JoAnna

    I’m so glad you had a good time at the Vegas Valley Book Festival. I volunteered during a morning shift there and was hoping to catch your session but had plans in the afternoon. Maybe next year … ???


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