My Adventures in … Hampton Roads

This past weekend, I was on the faculty of the Hampton Roads Writers Conference in Virginia Beach, VA. Sadly, it rained the whole time and I did not get to see the beach. Happily, the conference was fun and I met some really nice people. The hotel also had unlimited delicious cookies and I indulged in quite a few to say the least. (I may or may not weight 10 pounds more than when I arrived.)

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This picture from Michelle Johnson’s website.


The picture you see above is when I participated in the 10-Line Critiques where the first 10 lines of a manuscript were read aloud and the faculty would comment on them. I was hoping for some fireworks when we really disagreed on something, but our opinions were more or less in line on all the critiques. Besides that, I taught three classes—all about agents.

It’s a very nice event, and if the weather cooperates, a very beautiful part of the country. I highly suggest you check it out in future years.


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