2007 Harriette Austin Writers Conference: My Adventures in Georgia

My Georgia odyssey is over ( … for now). I returned yesterday from the 2007 Harriette Austin Writers’ Conference in Athens, GA, and, of course, immediately passed out on my bed at home. How quickly one passes out when returning home is a true sign of how intense the conference was.

The conference was packed—approximately 200 people—and everyone seemed pleased with the sessions and events. I heard several attendees explain how they weren’t writing anything at the current time, but were at the conference specifically to “recharge their batteries.” That’s what conferences do—they motivate you and help you network.

Following the long days, everyone was quick to relax by the bar and schmooze. It only took a few drinks before I sat down at the piano in the hotel lobby and started to play. We had some nice sing-along moments going here and there. I played some oldies, some Beatles, some Pearl Jam, some Van Halen … you know—”the works.”

I’ve got plenty of great information to post—including a full interview with leading literary agent Chip MacGregor. Stay tuned.

More to come!

Inspirational writer Lisa Samson
I at the book signing event.

Keynote speaker Terry Kay
, an
accomplished Southern writer.

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