My Adventures in Fort Collins…

I’m in Colorado wrapping up the 2008 Northern Colorado Writers’ Conference and, let me just say, it has been an excellent conference from start to finish. Kudos to organizer Kerrie Flanagan for doing such a great job. 

So what was Fort Collins like? Look at the picture below and see for yourself.  It was a very awesome town at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.  It’s also a college town somewhat (CSU is there) and is big into the “Green” movement and living clean.


How about this view?
I need a home in Fort Collins.


I presented on query letters and gave the keynote speech after dinner the first night.  Of note was my speech on query letters titled “How to Snag an Agent” that was misspelled “How to SHAG an agent.”


That’s me (Chuck Sambuchino)
during the keynote speech:
“What Editors Want.”


On Saturday night, some of us headed out to downtown Fort Collins and tasted the famed local brews. I proceeded to talk mega trash regarding a highly anticipated game of pool, and then sucked big time during the game. Agent Jessica Regel is doing her best to not let me live this down.

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2 thoughts on “My Adventures in Fort Collins…

  1. Rachelle

    Hey Chuck, your keynote was terrific. In fact, I ordered a CD of it so that I can shamelessly steal from it one of these days. I also ordered "How to SHAG an Agent" so I’ll be prepared when those writers start knockin’ on my door looking for a little shagging. It’s that dance everyone does out at Myrtle Beach, right???


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