My Adventures in Boston: I Have to Go to Beantown to Get in the Newspaper

Check this out. I’m in Boston to teach at Muse & the Marketplace, a writers conference up here. On Friday, I was walking around Boston and decided to attend a rally to save The Boston Globe, which is in danger of going out of business after more than 120 years. Being a former newspaper writer myself, I wanted to show some solidarity with my fellow scribes. Well, a Globe photographer there took a ton of pictures at the rally and I never in a million years thought she would actually use one that I was in.

But wouldn’t ya know it? …


There I am. The guy right there in the foreground. Here is the cutline: “SAVE THE GLOBE
Chuck Sambuchino of Ohio and Concord resident Brenda Brenon show their support during a rally for The Boston Globe at Faneuil Hall yesterday. The event was organized by the Boston Newspaper Guild. Read previous coverage of the issues facing the Globe and the newspaper industry at”


That’s the front page of the
business section for Sat., April 26.


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2 thoughts on “My Adventures in Boston: I Have to Go to Beantown to Get in the Newspaper

  1. Margay

    I just had to thank you for doing this for two reasons: Obviously, I’m from Massachusetts, so it’s important to me that the Globe stay in business for that reason. But also, my sister works at the Globe as a researcher so her job is in jeopardy. That was a wonderful thing you did and congratulations on making the front page for doing it!


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