My Adventures at … the Kentucky Writers Conference

I just got back from Bowling Green, KY, and the Kentucky Writers Conference. The event was paired with a big book festival: The Southern Kentucky Book Fest. It was a wonderful one-two combo of book awesomeness and writing instruction. And the most amazing thing is that the conference is FREE. Yesfree! It’s a great opportunity to learn more about literary agents and take sessions on how to format your novel and get it published. (If you met with me one on one, perhaps we even did a critique for some editing services.)

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The conference and (huge) book fest happen every April, so I highly suggest you check out this event in the future. Here are a few notable moments: First of all, during the book fest event when I was just standing there, greeting passerbys, a woman stops to check out my book, HOW TO SURVIVE A GARDEN GNOME ATTACK. I explain to her that it was recently optioned by Sony and Robert Zemeckis. She says “Yeah right.” Just to be sure, I asked her if she indeed did not believe me. She confirmed that yes, she was calling me a liar. So I went and printed off a new article from VARIETY that spoke about the deal. Later, she returned and I showed her the article. She seemed very unimpressive, but was kind enough to buy a book anyway.

The second notable happening was when I walked into a dead ringer for Art Garfunkel in the hallway. I paused and said, “Mr. Garfunkel?” He looked at me quizzically then walked away. I followed him and said, “Excuse me—are you Art Garfunkel?” He said he was flattered, but no. I’ve never made a celeb sighting mistake before. First time for everything.



Check Out These Great Upcoming Writers Conferences:


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