My Adventures at … the 2012 Chicago Writers Conference

I just returned from teaching at the 2012 Chicago Writers Conference. This was the event’s first year, and I have to say the conference was excellent. I had the privilege of giving two speeches and meeting with several writers one on one. There were keynote speeches, nights of open readings, and more. Chicago definitely has it going on in terms of a large and supportive writing community. As far as writers conferences go, I would definitely recommend this event. A special thanks to coordinator Mare Swallow for inviting me, and for her husband, Kevin, for providing most of the images you see below. Many more images exist on the event’s Flickr page.

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Me teaching a session on getting a literary agent.

I got to meet with several writers and critique their queries.


I got to do some query letter editing for attendees. It was nice to sit down and talk with people.


YAYYY. All my writing books were available for purchase. A few even sold out.

Me and conference organizer Mare Swallow.

The main conference room of the Tribune Building where the event was held.

After the Friday sessions, there were readings at Open Books in downtown Chicago.

Open Books seems like a great bookstore. They spend a lot of time helping with literacy programs in the city.

The 2012 event was held at the Tribune Tower in downtown Chicago. What an amazing building!



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5 thoughts on “My Adventures at … the 2012 Chicago Writers Conference

  1. emmiemears

    This looks excellent. I am looking forward to going to Writer’s Digest East again in April — January’s conference was brilliant, and your help with my pitch was indispensable.

    Looking forward to another great year!

  2. bgu073

    Great post, Chuck! Small quibble from this Chicagoan, however…that’s actually the John Hancock Tower, not the Sears. Same architect, but it’s much shorter! Glad you had a great experience in this city.


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