More Than 60 Agents Will Be Taking Pitches at the 2012 Writer’s Digest Conference

The 2012 Writer’s Digest Conference (Jan. 20–22, 2012) is coming up fast and promises to be a blast. We have incredible presenters lined up to instruct, fun sessions to attend, and, of course—the gigantic Agent Pitch Slam that features the largest gathering of literary agents at any writing conference in the country. Conferences are an incredible way to hook up with a rep if you’re wondering how to find a literary agent.

(UPDATE: The 2012 event is done, and the 2013 event is April 5–7, 2013 in NYC. As of me writing this (November 2012), the conference website is being overhauled, but should be up soon—

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The conference is held from Jan. 20–22, 2012, at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers, 811 Seventh Ave. If you are coming from out of town, two nights at a hotel would be best (Friday and Saturday). There are lots more travel details online.


The massive agent pitch slam will have more than 60 literary agents this year! Last year, we had about 55, but the conference attendance was so outstanding that we felt lines were too long for each agent. That’s why our solution this year is “more agents, more time.” We’ll have 60+ agents and three hours of pitch slam goodness as opposed to the normal two like last year. Everyone will be there—agents for picture books, science fiction agents, and many more.

See our entire list online list of agents here. As of me writing this (Nov. 2011), we have 50 literary agents lined up thus far, and will be at 60+ when the event roles around. The list online will continue to grow as more names are added.




Keep in mind that we have had several successes from previous pitch slam events. Just last year, author Collette Martin met her agent Shawna Morey and the pair got secured a book deal from a publisher soon after. (Congrats, Collette! See her whole story here.) And there was our huge 2008 pitch slam, when agents Janet Reid and Andrea Hurst not only signed writers from the slam, but also got them $100,000+ book deals afterward. That’s not even mentioning how two other writers from the same event also got their agents then and there.

The point is: The pitch slam is an organized madhouse, sure, but it absolutely works. People are getting agents and book deals here. So what are you waiting for? Join us in New York, and I will personally instruct you on how to pitch the day before the slam.



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One thought on “More Than 60 Agents Will Be Taking Pitches at the 2012 Writer’s Digest Conference

  1. AWJO224

    After reading this, I really wished I lived in New York. To be able to speak with agents would be amazing and helpful to me. Maybe in a couple of years I can make my way up there.

    Good luck to those that will be there!


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