Meeting Miss Snark—Again!

Last year, at BEA in Manhattan, I had the wonderful experience of coming across famed agent and blogger Miss Snark during the expo. I wrote a post about it. For those who don’t know, Miss Snark’s original blog was a work of genius and gave infinite great advice. Her real identity is a secret.  

Anyway, I ran into Miss Snark on the floor of the book trade show again this year (see picture of the floor in the post below) and we had some laughs.  But it wouldn’t be a true Snark conversation without a great quote from the agent master herselfand I got one. When we were on the floor walking around, we came within view of one of her clients (or perhaps it was a potential client? Not important … ) The client was a very attractive woman.

“Wow,” I said. “She’s hot.”

“Yeah, Chuck,” Miss Snark said. “That’s what we like to call platform.”


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8 thoughts on “Meeting Miss Snark—Again!

  1. ann

    Oh my goodness, she is even nasty to her dog by giving him/her a bad name!!!
    Is she really a negative/nasty person in real life as her remarks portray her to be? 🙂

  2. ann

    I am new to YOUR blog Chuck and just had to comment on this one, not becuase of Miss Snark, but because of the sweet face in the photo above. From what I have read some time back of Miss Snark’s comments, surely this sweet face could not be her’s 🙂 he he he! Is it your dog?


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