Maximize Your Website and Social Media: April 18, 2013 Webinar by Jane Friedman on Marketing, Analytics, SEO, Platform, and More

Nowadays, having a simple website or blog is easy — but creating these items is just a first step. Once you have a website and social media presence, you must make sure that this online presence is working for you. It’s a matter of maximizing and optimizing your work online.

Sure, you have a blog — but is the blog growing? Are people signing up to connect with you permanently through a newsletter or RSS feed? Are people leaving comments and finding you on Twitter to connect some more? If you’re selling books or services or a running any kind of writingbusiness, it’s imperative that your online efforts are not going unnoticed. Have an impact by learning about SEO and Google Analytics. Luckily for us, we’ve got social networking and eMedia guru Jane Friedman to teach about these things in a brand new webinar, “How to Understand and Improve the Performance of Your Author Website: Analytics, Platform Building, and Marketing Tactics,” at 1 p.m., EST, Thursday, April 18, 2013. It lasts 90 minutes.


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  • How to implement and use Google Analytics to improve your website and content, and understand what marketing efforts are making a difference
  • How to offer e-mail and RSS services to your site visitors, without any cost to you, plus how to review their effectiveness
  • Easy ways to integrate social media into your site—and how to evaluate its effectiveness and reach
  • How to identify influencers and others in your community who deliver valuable readers to you
  • The basics of e-mail marketing, the No. 1 overlooked means of reader engagement. (Most e-mail marketing begins with having a great opt-in page on your website.)
  • How to start an e-mail newsletter for your readers, without cost to you
  • When you should hire a professional designer or site developer, and how much you can expect to spend. Sign up for the webinar here!


Jane Friedman is the former publisher of Writer’s Digest, who now serves as web editor for the VIRGINIA QUARTERLY REVIEW (VQR). She created and maintains her own website at, is responsible for all online media at VQR (, and sends e-mail newsletters to an audience of thousands. Her blog for writers at has more than 40,000 unique visitors every month and was named one of the Top 10 Blogs for Writers in 2011/2012.

Sign up for the webinar here!

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