Live Near Lexington, KY or Clarksville, TN? Two Great Writing Conferences Coming Up in June 2013

Do you happen to live anywhere near Lexington, KY, or Clarksville, TN? If so, there are some great (and affordable) writing events coming up in June 2013 that feature literary agents in attendance taking pitches. I have the honor of teaching at both events and look forward to meeting writers at both. The first conference is the Clarksville Writers Conference, June 6–7, 2013. The second conference is the Carnegie Center’s “Books in Progress” Conference, June 7–8, 2013.


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Clarksville: This two-day event is hosted at Austin Peay State University, 601 College St., Clarksville, TN.

Lexington: This two-day event is hosted at the Carnegie Center for Literacy, 51 W. Second St., Lexington, KY.

(Which writers conference is the BEST to attend?)



  1. Debbie Carter (Muse Literary): “Debbie is looking for writing with charisma for adults and children. Interests include literary novels; short story and poetry collections by writers who have won prizes or published in literary journals; mysteries/thrillers/suspense novels; multicultural and international fiction relatable to American readers; as well as narrative nonfiction about extraordinary people and experiences in memoir/biography, home and lifestyle, travel, history, pop culture, music and the arts, New York, Americana, nostalgia, antiques and anything not mentioned here that writers think may interest her. Debbie is also interested in children’s literature (picture books and up) and teens’ multicultural fiction, mysteries and thrillers, historical fiction, animal stories, fantasy grounded in reality, narrative nonfiction and serious nonfiction.
  2. Gina Panettieri (Talcott Notch Literary): “Gina is currently seeking a full range of fiction and nonfiction for both adults and children. In nonfiction, she is looking for business, self-help, science, gardening, cookbooks, crafts, parenting, memoir, true crime and travel. With fiction, she loves quirky, edgy characters. Pitch her women’s fiction, paranormal, urban fantasy, horror, science fiction, historical, mystery, thrillers and suspense. She loves realistic contemporary YA fiction, and humorous or ‘slightly spooky’ middle-grade fiction.”


  1. Jessica Sinsheimer (Sarah Jane Freymann Literary): “Always on the lookout for new writers, she is most excited about finding literary, women’s, and Young Adult fiction, and—on the nonfiction side—psychology, parenting, self-help, cookbooks, memoirs, and works that speak to life in the twenty-first century.”
  2. Rita Rosenkranz (Rita Rosenkranz Literary): “Her wide-ranging adult non-fiction list includes health, history, parenting, music, how-to, popular science, business, biography, popular reference, cooking, spirituality, memoir, sports and general interest titles. Rita works with major publishing houses, as well as regional publishers that handle niche markets. She looks for projects that present familiar subjects freshly or lesser-known subjects presented commercially, and is open to new authors with credible marketing platforms.”

(Pay it Forward: 11 Ways You Can Help a Friend Market Their New Book.)



  • There is a wide variety of authors and speakers at the event.
  • On Thursday there is a keynote banquet with the authors.
  • Both literary agents will taking appointments (pitches) with writers.
  • There are sessions on pitching, reading like a writer, Twitter and blogging, memoir writing, indie publishing, poetry, short fiction, the structure of fiction, and more.


  • You can buy a one-on-one consultation with a literary agent.
  • There is a student discount.
  • Scheduled to appear is the 2012 National Book Award Winner Nikky Finney.
  • There are sessions on young adult writing, fiction writing, nonfiction writing, pitching, revision techniques, publishing options today, self-publishing, and more.


See the official Clarksville Writers Conference page here.

See the official Books in Progress Conference page here.


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2 thoughts on “Live Near Lexington, KY or Clarksville, TN? Two Great Writing Conferences Coming Up in June 2013

  1. Jen1313

    The Carnegie Center’s Books-in-Progress conference also features Nancy Kress, who has been writing for Writer’s Digest for decades. I can’t wait to attend her sessions!


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