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Literary Agent Spotlight: Catherine Luttinger of Darhansoff & Verrill

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This past weekend at the Writer’s Digest Writers Conference in NYC, one of the attending agents at the pitch slam was Catherine Luttinger of Darhansoff & Verrill. Catherine recently rejoined the agency and is looking for clients now. Learn more about her below.



She is seeking: Catherine is primarily interested in science fiction and fantasy. To her, that includes anything that could even remotely be labeled as such. Viable submission material includes everything from classic space operas to the apocalypse; alternative universes, dystopias, and eco-thrillers—as well as the paranormal, horror, zombies, plagues, and time travel. She is also willing to look at historical fiction, mythology re-told, YA, thrillers and mysteries. You may also pitch her pop-science nonfiction.

(How NOT to start your story. Read advice from agents.)

How to submit: Send queries to submissions@dvagency.com. Put “Query for Catherine: [TITLE]” in your subject line.



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  1. KarenLange says:

    It’s nice to meet Catherine. Thanks for the info!

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